Police Headquarters Project - 911 E. Kensington Road

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The Police Department has a new home! The official "move in" occurred the third week of June, 2020. 

This page contains information related to the approval processes and contracts related to the new headquarters at 911 E. Kensington Road

Note, all phone numbers remain the same and there was no interruption in service during the transition. 

Police Headquarters Relocation Timeline

Construction to modify the existing building (prior address of 799 Biermann Court) began in April 2019 and finished in June 2020.  The building was purchased for an adaptive reuse; its layout had the flexibility to design a building that meets modern police operation standards and has room to meet future challenges and growth. The new facility has incorporated significant improvements in addition to being a more appropriate size, Better training facilities, conference space for public engagement, and room for process improvements related to technology, evidence collection/management, and general operations area  few of the features that have enabled the Village to provided leading-edge service delivery.

 August 2019 | Village Board Meeting

The furniture contract for the Police Headquarters was reviewed and approved by the Village Board on August 7, 2019.

March 2019 | Village Board Meeting

At the March 5, 2019 Village Board meeting, the board authorized the Village Manager to amend the Construction Management contract with Camosy Construction to include a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of $21,900,000 for the new Police Headquarters to be located at 911 E. Kensington Road.

The efforts of the Construction Manager, Architects, and Village Staff to control the overall costs of this project have paid off. The Police Headquarters will reflect all the needs and requests of the Police Staff, the needs for the long term maintenance of the building by Public Works, and the IDOT request for a left turn lane on Kensington Road all fall within the original overall project budget parameters. The project budget is more than $94,000 under the original, as proposed in early 2018, prior to the start of design. As a reminder, the contingencies outlined in the overall project GMP are fully refundable to the Village in case they are not used. Therefore, potential exists to be even further under budget at the end of the construction process.  Learn more by viewing the staff memo from the March 5, 2019 Village Board meeting.

October 2018 | Committee of the Whole Update

At the October 2, 2018 Committee of the Whole, the board received an update on the status of the Police Headquarters relocation project.

October 2 Committee of the Whole Presentation 

September 2018 | Open House

At the September 25, 2018 Open House held at the future Fire Headquarters/Station 13 had information available to the public on the status of the Police Headquarters. Information on the financing plan was also available.  

September 11 Committee of the Whole Presentation

August 2018 | Bond Parameters Ordinance - Series 2018B

On August 21, 2018 and September 4, 2018, staff presented the Village Board a bond ordinance which permits the issuance of $39,850,000 of general obligation bonds. Proceeds from the bond sale will fund the construction and equipping of separate Police (799 Biermann Ct) and Fire Headquarters (111 E. Rand Road) and to refund Series 2009, Series 2009B and Series 2009C bonds. The portion of the bond amount used for the refunding is $4,050,000. Details on the bond ordinance are available in the September 4, 2018 memo to the Village Board. This is the second bond ordinance related to the Police and Fire Relocation, with the first Bond ordinance (Series 2018A) completed in April 2018.

The Sources and Uses Spreadsheet shows the breakdown of the sources of income uses for various costs related to the Police and Fire relocations, including property purchases, construction costs, and adaptive reuse savings.

May 23, 2018 | Property Closing

The Village closed on the real estate contract for 799 Biermann Court on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

May 15, 2018 | Construction Management Contract

On May 15, 2018 Village Board voted to enter into a construction management contract with Camosy Construction for the new Police headquarters at 799 Biermann Ct in an amount not to exceed $72,000. The total fees estimated for the construction management portion of the project are $1,216,806.  The memo to the Village Board includes a breakdown of these costs as they compare to other proposals the Village had received.

May 8, 2018  | Construction Management Presentation (Public Meeting)

Village Board Workshop [@Village Hall, 50 S. Emerson St] - Presentation from Camosy Construction related to the Construction Management Services for 799 Biermann Court. View the memo from this workshop.

April 17, 2018 |  Architect Selection

On April 17, 2018 the Village Board voted to accept the proposal from FGM Architects for architectural services to design the new police headquarters located at 799 Biermann Court in an amount not to exceed 1,197,085. View the associated memo and RFP response from FGM.

April 3 and April 17, 2018 | Financing Plan (Bond Parameters Ordinance - Series 2018A)

Village Board Meetings [@Village Hall, 50 S. Emerson St] – At these two meetings, the financing plan presented for Village Board approval.  View the Village Board Meeting presentation, which contains spreadsheets on the proforma for 2018A Bonds, Financing Proformas for the Police/Fire relocations, and debt policy analysis.

On April 17, the Village Board voted to approve an ordinance approving the issuance of $12,100,000 of general obligation bonds. A portion of the proceeds ($5 million) will fund infrastructure projects in the Village's water and sewer utility system. Payment on the water/sewer related debt will come from the Village's utility fund. The balance of the bond proceeds from this issue will be used to fund land acquisition related to relocation and construction of a new Police Department Headquarters (799 Biermann Ct / 911 E. Kensington Rd), Fire Department Headquarters/Station 13 (111 E. Rand Road) and for capitalized interest. Details of this bond issuance is included in the April 17, 2018 memo to the Village Board.

April 10, 2018 | Committee of the Whole [@Village Hall, 50 S. Emerson St]

The Space Needs Study and plan for future action to relocate both Police and Fire headquarters was presented to the Board at a Committee of the Whole meeting on April 10, 2018. At this public meeting, the Village also gathered resident feedback and held discussions on financing, traffic analysis, and future of Fire Station 13. View the Village Board memo

March 30, 2018 | Bond Ratings Call

Standard and Poor’s Global Ratings – Financing plan and economic condition of Village presented to obtain credit rating.  View the ratings call presentation.

The Village was successful in having a AA+ rating assigned to the proposed Series 2018A bond issue.  View draft ratings report

March 27, 2018  | Open House at 799 Biermann Court 

Public Open House at 799 Biermann Court was held at 6 PM. Thanks to all those that attended! View the exhibits from the March 27th Open House.

March 6, 2018 | 799 Biermann Court Purchase for a New Police Headquarters

At the Tuesday, March 6 Mount Prospect Village Board meeting, the Village Board voted 6-0 to approve a proposal to purchase the property located at 799 Biermann Court in the Kensington Business Center for use as a new Police Headquarters. The proposed purchase and sale agreement now under contract indicates a purchase price of $5,120,431; this purchase includes a 45-day due diligence period beginning on March 7, which includes a clause that allows the Village to terminate the contract at the Village Board’s discretion.

2016 - 2018 | Space Needs Analysis Report

The Village has been taking steps to evaluate the condition and suitability of the existing Fire/Police Headquarters at 112 E. Northwest Hwy since 2007, and the Village Board made this project a Top Priority of the Village’s Strategic Plan. In 2016, FGM Architects was retained to complete a review of the existing public safety building and determine current space needs for the Police and Fire Departments. This document has been key in identifying deficiencies in the current police headquarters as well as detailing what is needed in a new facility.