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Open House 2013OPEN HOUSE
The Mount Prospect Fire Department annually hosts an Open House at the end of summer. It’s a great way to come and meet Mount Prospect firefighters and see firefighting equipment and apparatus up close and personal.

Check back for details on the 2018 Open House.

The fire safety trailer is available for Mount Prospect educational community events. To provide an excellent “hands on” educational experience, the trailer incorporates the following: 

    • A full kitchen including a stove and microwave oven  to discuss appliance safety. 
    • “Heated” bedroom doors to allow children to check doors before opening them in the event of a fire. 
    • Theater smoke, which can be used to teach children how to “stay low and go” from a room that
       might have smoke. 
    • A severe weather simulator helps visitors understand and learn about weather safety.

Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 847/818-5253 for more details. 

Just as schools have been practicing evacuation and fire drills for years, your home needs a plan too. At home, it is important to make sure everyone in the house knows how to evacuate and where to meet once outside.
Key home safety rules are:
    • Know two ways out of your home in every room in the house. 
    • Have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
    • Discuss a meeting place outside of the house with each member of your household - maybe a
      tree, light pole or mailbox in front of your house. 
    • Call 9-1-1 once outside of the home. 

The Village of Mount Prospect currently has a request form in mpDelivers to schedule a block party for your neighborhood.  Access mpDelivers and click 'General' tab to find the Block Party request form. If you would like to request the Fire Department to stop by your event, please include this in the description section on the Block Party Request form. Please refrain from calling the Fire Department directly. Requests will be handled on a first-come, first serve request. However, the firefighters are on duty and may be delayed or not able to attend because of other emergency calls.