Fire & Life Safety Education

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Education and prevention continue to be the most important tools to help save lives. For this reason, the Mount Prospect Fire Department focuses its efforts on reducing fire-related incidents in our community. Our fire and life safety education programs, combined with fire inspections, strive to keep residents from becoming victims of the emotional and physical effects of fire.

The Fire Department has specific education programs for each of the following groups: 

    • Businesses 
    • Residents 
    • Schools 
    • Kid’s Corner

What can you do to help? Well, it's pretty simple...

  1. Educate yourself, your children and your co-workers.
  2. Be aware of what fire can do, and don't take unnecessary chances.
  3. Prevent fire opportunities by recognizing careless mistakes and taking steps to fire-proof your home and office.
  4. Practice fire escape plans and know the location of alternative exits.