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The Village of Mount Prospect is operating under emergency protocols dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Village Hall, Public Works, Fire Headquarters and the Community Connections Center are all closed to the public through May 29. For the latest information go to the COVID-19 page or read the latest information in the News section.

Be Ready - 3 Days, 3 Ways

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The 3 Days, 3 Ways Campaign serves as reminder that all residents need to be ready to take care of themselves for a minimum of three days following a disaster, by preparing in the following three ways – (1) build a kit; (2) make a plan; and (3) get involved. Each and every family must be able to meet its basic needs without assistance for a minimum of three days, sometimes longer.

Build a Kit! Make a list of everything you would need to sustain your family for a few days. What special needs does your family have? Have you accounted for all the members of your family – two and four legged? Give yourself the tools to take care of your family!

Make a Plan! Think about how your family would deal with an emergency that forces you to shelter in your home, or evacuate and relocate elsewhere. Whether you have a fire, making it impossible to move back immediately, or a winter storm forcing you to stay home for a couple of days until roads open, do you know what you would do? If something happens in the middle of a work day, do you have a plan to get your kids home from school? Is there a plan to care for an elderly parent living alone, or to ensure the safety of your family pet? Writing out a plan will ensure the best outcome possible!

Get Involved! Find ways for you and your family members to more active in the community. Whether it’s signing up for CPR and first aid classes, spreading the word about this 3 Days, 3 Ways Campaign to friends and neighbors, or joining the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) even small efforts help. We are all going to have to depend on one another!