Zoning Information

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When identifying the correct location for your business, be sure to review the zoning requirements to ensure the site will conform to Village code. For additional information, refer to the Village’s Zoning Ordinance.

Zoning Map - A Color-Coded Zoning Map indicates zoning districts for the entire Village.

Zoning List by Address – A spreadsheet of all addresses in the Village by address, including PINs and annexation year.

Land Use Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses - a quick reference list of all permitted/conditional uses for Residential, Business and Industrial Districts.

Zoning District Regulations- Applicable bulk regulations for all zoning districts, including setbacks, height, and floor area ratio.

Parking Requirements – A quick reference chart to parking requirements for business or industrial uses.

Sign Regulations - Signs have an impact on the overall character of the community; therefore the Village has an ordinance that establishes limits on the size, height, number, location and design of signs. Learn more about Sign Regulations and the application process for Sign Variations.

Public Hearing Process
Some uses may require a Conditional Use. These requests are reviewed by the Village’s Planning & Zoning Commission and Village Board of Trustees. Learn more about the public hearing process for Conditional Uses; additional information about the Planning and Zoning Commission.