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Finance Department (First Floor, Village Hall)

  • Real Estate Transfer Stamp - Forms are now available online. This tax shall apply to the transfer of any of the foregoing interests in property that is located within the Village and shall include, but not be limited to, the following circumstances: 
    • The transfer purports to vest either a beneficial interest in or legal title to the real estate.
    • The interest transferred is only the possession or use of the real estate so long as consideration is paid for the possession or use.
    • Even if the consideration is to be paid in the future or the actual transfer is to be made in the future as under articles of agreement.

Community Development (Second Floor, Village Hall)

  • Building Permit - Construction Bubble GuyAll building permit types have been consolidated into a single application. 
  • Contractor License - Only General Contractors are required to have a contractor's license.
  • Business License - All businesses operating within the Village must maintain a current business license, with exception of home occupations.
  • Rental Housing License - Rental properties must be registered and inspected by the Village, and all landlords must attend a Crime Free Housing workshop.
  • Temporary Food Permit - Selling food at a special event or at the farmer's market requires a temporary food permit.

Village Manager's Office (Third Floor, Village Hall)

  • Employment - The Village of Mount Prospect is an equal opportunity employer. Click the link to view current opportunities.

Public Works (1700 W. Central Road)

  • Block Party Permit - All block party permits are handled through our Customer Service Request (CRM) system.