COVID-19 Updates:

The Village of Mount Prospect is operating under emergency protocols dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Village Hall, Public Works, Fire Headquarters and the Community Connections Center are all closed to the public through April 7. For the latest information go to the COVID-19 page or read the latest information in the News section.

Keep Pet Waste Out of Our Waterways!

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Cleaning up after your pet is a helpful way to help protect the waterways that run through Mount Prospect. All of the creeks that dissect the Village, including McDonald Creek, Feehanville Creek, Weller Creek, and Higgins Creek ultimately end up flowing into the Des Plaines River. In turn, the Des Plaines River eventually flows into the Illinois River, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. Pet waste that enters a creek in Mount Prospect can have a long journey and impact a variety of plants, animals, ecosystems, and even people!

Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, or yards contain numerous pollutants such as nutrients and bacteria. These pollutants can easily be washed into nearby storm sewers. Please discard your pet’s waste by wrapping it in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage.

When washing your pet, do it either in the house in a laundry tub or outside in a washtub on the lawn. If you wash your pet outside, dump the wash water on the lawn when you are finished. These practices prevent polluted water from entering the storm sewers. You can also help the environment by selecting a pet shampoo that is low in phosphorous.

Lastly, please do not feed ducks and geese. Feeding these waterfowl is not healthy for them or any nearby waterway. Like pet waste, waterfowl waste can contribute nutrient and bacteria pollution to local waterways.