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Hydrant Painting

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The Village of Mount Prospect owns and maintains 2,442 fire hydrants throughout its water distribution system. Presently, the Village’s goal is to repaint each of these hydrants on 5-6 year cycle. 

The scope of work included in repainting a hydrant entails sandblasting each hydrant to remove layers of accumulated paint, priming, and recoating the hydrants.  This work is important to keep hydrants functional and aesthetically appealing.
Earlier this year (2019), the Village joined the Municipal Partnering Initiative (MPI) three-year hydrant-painting contract. 

This year, the MPI contract award is comprised of 2,951 hydrants from 11 communities. The Village of Wheeling facilitated the joint request for bids on behalf of participating communities including the Villages of Mount Prospect, Glencoe, Glenview, Niles, Northbrook, Wilmette, and Winnetka, as well as the cities of Lake Forest, Rolling Meadows and Highland Park.
Participation in a Municipal Partnering Initiative joint bid satisfies the public bidding requirements stipulated in the Village's purchasing policy.
The bid documents were posted on the Village of Wheeling’s QuestCDN website and were available for all contractors. The work was also publicly advertised in newspapers.
On March 29, 2019, The Village of Wheeling held a mandatory pre-bid meeting in their Village Hall boardroom. Five (5) contractors and four (4) representatives from participating communities attended. On April 5, 2019, the bids were publicly opened and read as required by Village Code. The following three (3) firms submitted bids:
 Contractors Alpha Paintworks 
Muscat Painting 
 Go Painters Inc. 
   Unit Price Extension  Unit Price  Extension  Unit Price  Extension 
 Blasting & Painting Year 1  $87.00 $34,800  $99.00  $39,600
 Blasting & Painting Year 2  $89.00 $35,600  $101.80  $40,720    $0.00 
 Blasting & Painting Year 3  $91.00 $36,400  $104.65  $41,860    $0.00 
 Cap Painting Year 1  $15.00 $6,000 $20.00  $8,000    $0.00 
 Cap Painting Year 2 $15.50  $6,200  $20.56  $8,224    $0.00 
 Cap Painting Year 3 $16.00  $6,400  $21.14  $8,456    $0.00 
 Year 1 Total   $40,800    $47,600    $0.00 

The lowest-cost responsible bidder was Alpha Paintworks Inc. of Chicago, Illinois. 

Alpha Paintworks has not previously performed work for the Village of Mount Prospect. However, staff contacted their references and all reported positive experiences with the firm. Some of their past work included a five (5) year contract with the Village of Glenview for hydrant painting, a multi-year contract with the City of Highland Park for hydrant painting, and another multi-year contract with the Village of Skokie for hydrant painting.
Alpha Paintworks’ scope of work includes sandblasting, priming, and painting 400 hydrants each year at a cost of $87/hydrant (400 hydrants x $87/hydrant = $34,800) as well as recoating the hydrant port caps with an offsetting color to indicate water main size at a cost of $15/cap set (400 cap sets x $15/cap set = $6,000). The total award in 2019 is $40,800 ($34,800 + $6,000 = $40,800).

Expenditures in subsequent years of the contract (2020 and 2021) will be limited to amounts appropriated for this purpose in future budgets.

A complete tabulation of the Municipal Partnering Initiative joint bid results, including the prices and cost extensions for all participating municipalities is available here.

Alpha Paintworks does not utilize silica sand as a blasting agent.  Instead the firm utilizes a product called “Black Beauty”.  Black Beauty is a recycled product made from coal fired boiler slag.  Black Beauty is classified as a low free silica abrasive.  
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Black Beauty 
Product specification sheet for Black Beauty

Typically, the contractor will blast the hydrant to bare metal and then coat it with a white or grey primer.  After the primer has dried, the contractor will follow up and paint the hydrant with a safety yellow enamel.  The port caps will be painted a distinct color that helps Fire Department personnel determine what size water main serves the area.

If you have additional questions about the hydrant painting program, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-573-8576 or email.