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Home Hot Spots for Water Quality

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site2bYour activities can affect water quality in various spots throughout your yard.  Look around your property with an eye toward these conditions.

  • Directing downspouts to unpaved areas lets rainwater soak into the ground which reduces the flow of runoff into the lakes.
  • Composting converts leaves and grass clippings into a nutrient-rich mulch for your planting beds and gardens minimizing the need for fertilizers.
  • Natural areas and planting beds lend variety to a residential lawn, attract wildlife and mean you have less lawn to mow and fertilize.
  • Keep lawn chemicals, car care products and household cleaners properly sealed in their containers. Safely store these containers away from people, pets and runoff water.
  • Limit the use of fertilizer and pesticides. If you do use those products, sweep excess off paved areas to keep them from entering the water supply through storm sewers.
  • A small oil drip or gas leak may not seem like a big deal, but after a good rain these toxic chemicals become runoff that washes into bodies of water.
  • Cover bare spots in your lawn to reduce water runoff by planting the area with grass or some other vegetation, and then immediately covering with mulch or hay until vegetation takes root.