Whitegate Watermain Improvement Project

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Project Information

Important News

- Watermain construction to begin Monday, October 17.


Upcoming Dates

- October 17, Construction to   Start (Weather dependent).         

- November 31, Final Completion 


Resident Info Bulletin 10/13/2016

Whitegate Watermain Plans

Whitegate Watermain Project Map


Jim Picardi

Project Managerr

Mount Prospect Public Works




THe Village of Mount Prospect will be replacing existing watermain along Whitegate Drive between We-Go Trail and Cathy Lane.  A recent study of the Village's watermain system identified that this section of watermain pipes are old and undersized. This 800 foot long section of watermain has had numerous breaks and is in need of upsizing to provide the desired capacity.  The smaller 6 inch diameter pipe will be replaced with larger 8 inch diameter pipe.  This will improve the water flow and minimize the service interruptions due to watermain breaks.  

A contract has been awarded to Lampignano & Son Construction Co. of Arlington Heights.  It is expected the construction activities will start the week of October 17 with the marking of existing utilities and then hand digging to verify the depth of the existing pipes.  Following initial activities the contractor will mobilize equipment, deliver material and the prepare the for watermain installation.

The new watermain will be installed under the sidewalk on the north side of Whitegate.  To minimize disruption, the watermain will will be installed by directional boring.  Pits will be dug at both ends of the block along with one midblock and the pipe will be pushed underground from the pits. Following completion of the watermain installation, the house services will be reconnected to the new watermain.  The watermain construction should be completed by the end of November.

Type of Work to be Performed

In general, the process of installing the new watermain will include:

  • Excavation of bore pits.
  • Installation of new watermain by directional bore.
  • Testing and chlorination of new watermain.
  • Transfer of water services to new watermain.
  • Sidewalk, curb and pavement replacement as necessary.
  • Restoration with topsoil and sod of any parkway areas damaged during the construction activities.
Will My Water Service be Affected

There will be no extended disruption in your water service. However, there will be a short disruption (typically less than 20 minutes) when your water service will be transferred to the new watermain. You will be notified prior to your service transfer.

Will Services to My Property be Affected

Due to the location of the work, there will be no changes in your regular services such as garbage pick-up, mail delivery or emergency services from the Police and Fire Departments.  There may be times during the day when construction activities temporarily block access to your driveway as the new watermain is being installed. Every attempt will be made to minimize interruptions.  If new curb is to be installed in front of your property, access to your driveway will be interrupted for an more extended period of time.  In that case you will receive more specific information about the schedule for this work and how it affects your driveway access.  

Special Needs

If you have special needs due to a disability, please contact the Public Works Department.