Road Construction

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The Village of Mount Prospect conducts an annual street resurfacing program to maintain a high quality road network 136 miles ensuring safe travel.  In addition to street resurfacing, the program replaces damaged sidewalk, curb, and structures associated with underground utilities.  
What Type of Work Will be Completed?
  • The street resurfacing program may include the following construction tasks
  • Repair storm inlets and catch basins.
  • Replace deteriorated curbs, sidewalk squares and sidewalk ramps.
  • Replace pavement with new asphalt
    •      The asphalt surface will be constructed in two layers approximately four weeks apart.
    •      The process requires the use of prime oil that may track onto your car or driveway.  To minimize tracking of oil please wait the drive on the surface until the oil has dried.
  • Restore portions of driveway aprons that are removed due to construction activities.
  • Restore parkways disturbed by construction with topsoil and seed.
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