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Storm Water Management

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What is a Storm Water Management Program?

Federal regulations through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) require that all municipal separate storm sewer systems (known as MS4s), partially or fully in urbanized areas based on the 2000 census, obtain storm water permits for their discharges into receiving waters (lakes, streams, rivers).  To meet the federal regulations the Village has developed a MS4 Storm Water Management Program (SWMP).

The SWMP describes the procedures and practices that are implemented by the Village toward the goal of reducing the discharge of pollutants within storm water runoff in order to comply with Federal standards.  Compliance with this program is intended to protect water quality, contributing to the following amenities:

  • Cleaner lakes and streams
  • Improved recreational opportunities and tourism
  • Flood damage reduction
  • Improved aesthetics and wildlife habitat
  • A safer and healthier environment for Mount Prospect residents

Federal environmental regulations based on the 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA) require the separate storm water systems , construction sites, and industrial activities control polluted storm water runoff from entering receiving bodies of water (including navigable streams and lakes).