Snow Shoveling

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Plows push snow onto driveways and we really don’t have a choice. We know that it’s frustrating to shovel your driveway and then have the plow come by and push snow back at the base. Although we’d like to minimize the problem, there is no “efficient” way to plow the street so that your driveway remains snow free.
One way to assure that minimal snow will be piled in your driveway entrance is to follow the diagram below.

show shoveling

Please click on the link to see a video that demonstrates the concept illustrated above

Remember, it is hazardous and illegal to shovel or blow snow into any public street once the street has been plowed. All shoveled or blown snow should be piled in your yard or parkway. Please follow the suggestion below to minimize windrows in your driveway opening.

  • Shovel the snow to the side, in the direction of traffic, and clear a pocket of snow on the opposite side of your driveway.
  • The accumulated snow in the plow will dump into the pocket and NOT in your driveway.

This simple procedure will minimize the amount of residual snow being plowed from the street into your driveway.

If an accident were to occur because of the snow you (or your plowing service) had placed on the public-right-of- way, you could be held liable. This is not a good way to find out how good your liability insurance is. Your best bet when clearing snow is to pile all of it on your own property.

While you’re out there, clear the area in front of your mailbox (if yours is at the curbside) after the plow has passed. If the mail carrier can reach your mailbox, you can expect to receive your bills and flyers in a timely manner.

If there’s a hydrant in the parkway in front of your home, clear a path to and around it from the street so firefighters can find and get to it quickly in case of an emergency.

And please don’t forget to clear the public walk as a courtesy to pedestrians.

What NOT to do with Snow
Do not shovel, plow, push or throw your driveway snow onto the public (or private) roadway out front as this will create a hazardous surface when traffic passes over it. And don’t try to push it all the way to the other side. That would likely create a narrowed area in the road at that location so it’ll be dangerous for vehicles traveling in opposite directions to pass there. (Be sure your plowing contractor honors these restrictions too; you’re responsible for his actions).