Snow Plow Tips

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  1. Remove your vehicles from public streets when approximately 2 inches of snow has fallen or is predicted to fall. Parked vehicles in the road not only make it harder for our drivers to thoroughly clean the streets, but it also endangers their safety by forcing them to zigzag in and out of traffic on slippery roads, thereby increasing their chance for accidents. The Village does ticket violators!
  2. If possible stay off the road.
    As much as possible, please avoid driving or parking on the road during heavy snowstorms. Our primary purpose is to clear streets for emergency vehicles. The less traffic our drivers encounter, the faster and more efficiently they can clear the streets.
  3. Do not shovel or blow snow into public streets.
    Again, this not only defeats the purpose of our snow plowing, but causes unsafe conditions for all drivers. All shoveled or blown snow should be piled in your yard or parkway. We highly recommend putting the snow on your side of the sidewalk to leave room for the street snow on the parkway. Again, violators will be ticketed. 
  4. Drive cautiously.
    If you must be out, please use extreme caution. Drive slowly and watch at intersections. Don’t follow our plows too closely. Leave plenty of room between cars and brake slowly. Use extreme caution in passing our plowing and salting equipment.
  5. Don’t expect us to leave the base of your driveway clean and neat.
    We know it’s frustrating to shovel your driveway and then have the plow come by and push snow back at the base. Although we’d like to minimize the problem, there is no way to plow the street so that your driveway remains completely "snow free" without greatly increasing the manpower and money required to run our operation. (Think of it this way: if we didn’t plow your street, you’d have no reason to shovel your driveway!)

We urge residents to assist their frail and elderly neighbors with shoveling tasks whenever possible.

By following these simple suggestions, you can help us work faster and more efficiently. We want to keep the streets clear and safe for you. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance throughout this upcoming snow season.