Road Salt - How it Works

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When the mercury drops below 25 degrees F, salt effectiveness begins to diminish. In extreme cold it may have no effect at all. Currently the Public Works Department puts an additive on the salt to make it more effective in colder temperatures, but at zero degrees and below even the additive’s effect is limited.

Salt effectiveness also is reduced, or even eliminated altogether, by freezing rain which washes the salt off the pavement and dissolves it.

Salt is spread along the entire length of all streets in the Village. Slightly heavier amounts are placed at intersection approaches to improve stopping ability. However, when driving on slick ice and snow covered or wet pavement, your best bet is to do as if there were no salt on it at all. Allow a longer distance between you and the vehicle ahead, drive more slowly, and begin stopping well before you would in warmer weather.
It’s up to each driver to drive safely and be considerate and aware of other drivers.

With salt supplies being limited and the importance of performing snow removal economically and environmentally friendly, the Village of Mount Prospect has revamped its’ snow salting operations.
For the last several years we have been using ThermaPoint R Anti-icing Fluid (a propriety organic polymer) as a pre-wetting agent when applying salt to our roads. Salt normally is effective down to temperatures in the mid-twenties, but by pre-wetting it with ThermaPoint R the salt will remain effective down to temperatures of -41 degrees.

Using the pre-wetting system has resulted in decreased salt usage of 30% which not only saves the Village money, but also reduces the amount of chlorides which could find there way into our waterways.

Public Works has also installed rear wetting spray systems on their salt trucks to get a more even distribution of ThermaPoint R onto the salt and minimize any product runoff.

We hope to keep up the quality and speed of which we clear snow from our streets and complete this process in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way.