Mailbox Policy

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Residential mailboxes that are damaged during Village snow and ice control operations are eligible for repair or replacement under the mailbox replacement policy.  Examples of damage that demonstrate eligibility for replacement may include: (1) a resident’s mailbox that is struck by a Village snowplow or equipment and (2) other snow-related impact from Village snow and ice control operations. 


Upon notification of damage, the Village will verify eligibility and provide residents with a temporary, barricade-mounted mailbox until weather permits repairs or replacement.  If the damaged mailbox is identified as beyond repair by the Village, then the resident is provided with two methods for replacement: 

Option 1 – Village Replacement:  Mailbox replacement conducted by the Village will include: (1) a wood post with post anchor stake and (2) a standard black or white steel mailbox in compliance with Village Code specifications.   “Sample 1” images below represent the mailbox that will be installed by the Village.  Residents that prefer to have a different style mailbox will need to install the mailbox on their own (Please refer to Option 2 – Resident Replacement).  

Option 2 – Resident Replacement:  Residents have the option to conduct their own mailbox replacement and are eligible to receive up to $125 for the mailbox replacement.  To be eligible to receive the reimbursement, the mailbox must be installed according to specifications defined in the Village Code.  Please refer to “Sample 1” and “Sample 2” images below for the approved specifications. 

Upon completion of mailbox installation residents must complete the following steps to receive the $125 reimbursement: (1) Provide a receipt to the Public Works Department noting the purchase of the mailbox and/or installation. (2) Schedule a mailbox inspection with Public Works.  During the inspection a Public Works employee will determine if the installation meets Village Code as outlined under “Specifications”.  See “Sample 1” and “Sample 2” images below for resident approved mailbox replacement options.  

Prior to Resident Mailbox Installation:  Residents that decide to install their own mailbox post shall also contact JULIE (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) by calling 811 or 800-892-0123 or by going online to to enter their utility locate requests.  This step is necessary to ensure that underground utility lines in the work area are marked at least two working days before the resident digs their mailbox post.  JULIE will arrange for its members to have the underground lines at the project site marked, free of charge, so that residents can dig safely. JULIE neither owns nor marks any underground lines. For a free copy of JULIE’s Homeowner’s Guide, an explanation of the color-code markings and information about safe digging practices, please visit:


The following mailbox replacement criteria have been outlined per Village Code specifications below. 

United States postal service approved mailboxes are permitted within a public right of way under the following conditions:

1. The front face of the mailbox, once mounted, shall be twelve inches (12") from the back of the curb, or if no curb is present, shall be twenty four inches (24") from the road pavement.

2. The distance from grade to the bottom surface of the mailbox shall be forty eight inches (48").

3. The mailbox may be mounted on a mounting structure of the following sizes and materials, and no others:

                a. A wood post of which the area of an average cross section may not be more

                than sixteen (16) square inches.

                b. A metal post not more than two and one-half inches (21/2") in outside diameter.

4. Residents should take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to any existing utilities located in the parkway.


**Note: See the below images for examples of approved Village Code mailbox specifications.  It should be noted that other decorative mailbox designs may be approved for use, if the spacing requirements (as represented below) conform to Village Code. Residents should contact the Department of Public Works for any clarification.


Mailbox Installation Images