Wheeled Cart Exchange

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As part of the Village’s Solid Waste program each residential property receiving curbside collection was distributed one green wheeled cart for refuse collection and one blue wheeled cart for recycling collection. The Village understands that a household’s solid waste needs may change over time creating a need for greater or reduced solid waste capacity. To address this issue, households will be allowed to exchange their current refuse and/or recycling cart for a different size cart. There will be no cost to the resident to exchange carts.

The refuse and recycling wheeled carts are available in three sizes: 35, 65 and 95 gallon.

Cart exchanges can be made by calling the Public Works department at (847) 870-5640. Once an exchange request has been made with the Public Works department the cart(s) will be exchanged by ARC on the resident’s first scheduled collection day after the request. For example, if a resident with a Monday collection calls Public Works on a Tuesday to request an exchange the cart will be exchanged on the following Monday. A representative from ARC Disposal will make the exchange after refuse trucks have finished collection. A resident that has scheduled an exchange must leave their cart(s) at the curb after collection. The new cart(s) will not be delivered if the old cart(s) are not at the curb. Depending on the volume of exchanges on a given day the exchange may occur as late as the day after collection.

Please DO NOT bring carts to Public Works for exchange.