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How many carts am I allowed to have?
Each single family property will be allowed to have a one (1) refuse cart and one (1) cart for recycling.

How big are the carts?
The carts come in three different sizes: 35, 65, and 95 gallon. (click on the size to see specific dimensions)

What do I do with my old recycling bins?
You will be allowed to keep your old recycling bins for personal use. If you wish to get rid of the recycling bin, place the bin at the curb on your scheduled collection day and ARC will remove the bins. (Note: the bins CAN NOT be used for curbside recycling. If you place the bin at the curb it will be collected with the refuse even if you are using it for recycling.)

How can I dispose of my old garbage cans?
Place your garbage cans at the curb on your scheduled collection day and Republic Services will remove the cans.

Will my collection day change?
No, the collection schedule will remain the same.

What happens if my cart is damaged?
If your cart is damaged you need to contact Public Works (847-870-5640) for a replacement. If the cart is damaged from normal wear and tear Republic Services will replace the cart at no extra charge.

Is there a charge for exchanging or replacing a cart?
There is no charge for exchanging or replacing a cart.

Will the garbage hauler pickup garbage that is not placed in the cart?
No, all garbage must be placed in the cart. Republic Services will not pick up any garbage that is outside of the cart. If you have garbage that will not fit in the cart you need to call Republic Services for a special pick up or hold onto the garbage and place it in the cart for collection the following week.

Will recycling decrease with the increased refuse capacity?
No, the Village anticipates an increase in recycling with the greater recycling capacity. The efforts of the Village to increase recycling has resulted in the Village having one of the highest recycling rates in the Northwest suburbs. The only way to increase the recycling rate is to increase recycling capacity.

Will we receive a direct bill for garbage service?
Yes, all residential properties receiving curbside collection will receive a bill for a portion of the cost of solid waste services.

How do I select which carts I want?
The standard delivery will be a 95 gallon for refuse and a 65 gallon for recycling. If you do not want the standard size an informational flyer will be sent that will ask you to select which size carts you want.

What if I want to exchange sizes?
If you determine that your carts are not meeting your needs you will be allowed to exchange the cart for a different size at no additional cost. Please contact Public Works (847-870-5640) to arrange for an exchange of carts.

Should I mark my cart with my name and address?
Do not mark your carts for identification purposes. The cart will be delivered with a serial number stamped on the side. Please use this number to identify your cart. You are responsible for keeping track of your carts' serial number, Public Works and Republic Services will not be maintaining a list of serial numbers.