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Levee 37 Drainage Study

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 Project Information 

Important News
- Final Report Complete


Project Dates

6/2/2015, Contract awarded to

   Christopher B. Burke Engineering 

6/12/2015, Survey crews begin data      collection 

-  9/22/2015, Formal report presented to    Village Board



Project Area Map

Levee 37 Drainage Study Executive Summary of Final Report

Levee 37 Drainage Study Final


Resident Information Bulletins

Resident Info Bulletin 6/17/2015



Jeff Wulbecker, Village Engineer

Mount Prospect Public Works


Levee 37 was constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers to prevent Des Plaines River flood waters from reaching the properties west of River Road in Mount Prospect and Prospect Heights.  Pump Stations #1 and #2 function as the release of storm water from those subdivisions when high river levels restrict the normal gravity discharge of the storm sewer system.
During high river level events, check valves close to prevent river water from inundating adjacent properties via the storm sewer system.  This modus was the cause the record flooding during high river level events in 1989 and 1987.  The check valves were installed in 1991 and have proven highly effective at preventing river water inundation.
Levee 37, along with Pump Stations #1 and #2 were constructed in 2011.  A principle assumption applied to the design of the pump stations was that the coincidence of high river levels and significant rainfall on the landside of the levee system was extremely remote.  This assumption was based on an analysis of rainfall data and river levels recorded prior to 1990.
as a consequence, the pump stations were designed to primarily rely on the normal gravity discharge to dewater the storm sewer system.  The Army Corps of Engineers has described the pump stations as "nuisance pumps", intended only to supplement gravity dewatering of the storm sewer.
Unfortunately on numerous occasions, the properties west of River Road have experienced significant flooding due to the inability of the gravity discharge and pump stations to release water to the Des Plaines River at a sufficient rate.  On all of these occasions, the gravity discharge has been blocked by high river levels and the landside of the levee has been subject to rainfall events unrelated to the river crest.
Presently, the Village of Mount Prospect, City of Prospect Heights, and the Army Corps of Engineers are considering several options to increase the capacity of the existing pump stations.  To accomplish this, staff has secured the services of Christopher B. Burke Engineering to conduct an analysis of the existing drainage systems tributary to the pump stations, analysis of the pump stations capability and recommendations for improvements which could prevent described flooding.  

  1. Topographic survey of drainage system
  2. Hydraulic and hydrologic analysis of the existing drainage system
  3. Analysis of the design and capabilities of the Army Corps pump stations #1 and #2
  4. Recommendations for improvements to the existing drainage system
  5. Recommendations for improvements to the Levee 37 pump stations #1 and #2
  6. Recommendations to reduce flooding risk for properties with below grade garages

Survey crews from Christopher B. Burke Engineering have already started to collect field information for the study.  Survey crews will be in the area collecting information for the next four to six weeks.  Once the appropriate survey information has been collected Christopher B. Burke will begin to perform detailed analysis of the drainage system.  A formal report with recommendations will be presented to the Village Board at the Committee of the Whole meeting on 9/22/2015 at 7pm.



The Village has created a few ways to stay connected during construction. First, this project page on the Village Website has been created to provide you information on the study. It will continually be updated throughout the project to keep you informed of the progress.  

Please visit this project web page for updated information throughout the project. Should you have additional questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 847/870-5640 or