COVID-19 Updates:

The Village of Mount Prospect is operating under emergency protocols dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Village Hall, Public Works, Fire Headquarters and the Community Connections Center are all closed to the public through April 7. For the latest information go to the COVID-19 page or read the latest information in the News section.

Parkway Tree Trimming

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The Village is lined with more than 24,000 parkway trees.  In our efforts to keep trees healthy and vigorous, trees are trimmed on a five-year cycle. Approximately 5,000 trees are trimmed every year.  The Village hires a contractor to complete the tree trimming program. The Public Works Forestry & Grounds Division oversees these operations. The trim sections for this year are located on the highlighted areas on the map above.  Parkway trees in these locations will be pruned in 2020. 

Regular maintenance of parkway trees helps to prevent issues such as: structural defects, deadwood, low branches, sight obstructions, disease, and it also prolongs the life of the tree. There are many long-term benefits of the tree trimming program.  Additional information on tree pruning can be found on the Village's Tree Trim Information  sheet. 

Residents who have concerns about trees not in the current year’s trim cycle should contact Public Works.  Village crews will address these issues separately and on an individual basis.  Other trees in need of maintenance pruning will be completed by Public Works crews.  

Contact the Public Works Department at 847-870-5640 or email with any questions or concerns.