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Options for Tree Planting

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Parkway Tree Planting Options 

The Village of Mount Prospect will continue to plant parkway trees in Spring and Fall of 2020.  The Village’s tree replacement program now entails replacing every tree that is removed, as long as spacing requirements are met. The Village is currently one season behind when it comes to replacing trees. Trees removed in the fall of 2019 will be replaced in the spring of 2020, and so on.  Additionally, the Village will continue to plant new trees in available planting sites, and also replace trees removed prior to the current policy of one for one replacement. With the help of citizens and property owners, the Village will continue to plant as many replacement trees as possible this year within the Village’s existing planting budget. 

A 2013 study by Urban Forestry LLC staff noted that trees provide Mount Prospect with multiple benefits, including oxygen production, filtering pollution, slowing storm water runoff, increased property values, and much more.  The Village urges concerned citizens to consider participating in one of the following parkway planting options in 2020.


Reforestation/Replacement Parkway Planting

All trees for the reforestation / replacement planting program will be 2” to 2½” diameter trees hand-selected from several nurseries by Village staff, planted and guaranteed for one year by a contractor.  Village staff visit a number of different nurseries each year to ensure the best selection, high quality, and a diverse mix of species each season.  Tree availability is still very much dependent on area demand, which continues to be high in the aftermath of EAB. Species availability and sizes vary by season, depending on nursery stock.  Also, certain species of trees are spring dig only, and thus will not be planted in the fall planting season.  A suitable planting site must be available in order to plant a replacement or new tree.  Residents can check with the Public Works office for available trees species by season.  Requests for specific species should be made by March 1st for spring planting, and August 1st for fall planting.   

The following trees are generally what is available by season:


Spring – Multiple varieties of Oak (Red, Swamp White, Chinkapin, Scarlet, Bur) and disease resistant Elms (Frontier, Valley Forge, Accolade), London Planetree, Ginkgo, Dawn Redwood, Bald Cypress, Tuliptree, and Black Tupelo.


Fall – Catalpa, Kentucky Coffeetree, Hackberry, Linden, Crabapple, Tree Lilac, Honeylocust, and some varieties of Elms.


In addition to the trees listed above, the Village will try to procure additional species when they are available. (Generally, trees listed for the fall can be also be planted in the spring season if available.)   


Planting By Permit

Property owners can also beautify Village parkways by planting trees on their own, but only with an approved Village permit. Planting permits are available through the Public Works Department at no cost.   All Village code requirements must be met, including having a suitable planting site, planting a minimum 1 ½” diameter tree, and choosing a species approved in the Village Code.  Note that “suitable planting site” means that certain minimum conditions are met, such as spacing between trees and required distances from utilities, driveways, etc.  Once the completed permit application is approved, the tree can be planted.   Property owners should be aware that all trees planted on public property, regardless of who did the planting, become the property of the Village.  The Village will assume responsibility for the future care and maintenance of these trees. 



Finally, the Forestry/Grounds Division notes that they have received inquiries from tree lovers who would like to help the Village’s reforestation efforts.  The Village will happily accept donations of any size, from individuals and corporations.  The funds will be placed in the Village’s Tree Trust Account and used for diversified parkway plantings throughout the community.  All donors will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for their contributions to the quality of life in their community.  For details about this program, please call Public Works at 847-870-5640. 

Private Property Tree Planting 

Increase Tree Species Diversity

With the widespread loss of trees to disease and insects in our community, the Village is attempting to diversify our new parkway tree planting. We also encourage property owners to consider a wide range of species when planting on private property. The following document Increasing Tree Diversity in the Urban forest provides a comprehensive list of tree species suitable for growing in Northern Illinois. Please contact the Public Works Department at 847-870-5640 or email Public Works Department with questions concerning private property tree planting.

If you have any questions concerning the programs described above, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-870-5640 or email.