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Emerald Ash Borer

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Release Date 3/13/2012 EAB Increasing
Release Date 9/28/2010  Emerald Ash Borer Found 

The Village Board held a lengthy discussion about Mount Prospect's Emerald Ash  Borer Management Plan on March 13, 2012, at a Committee of the Whole meeting.  About thirty interested citizens attended.  Scott Schirmer, , EAB Program Manager from the Illinois Department of Agriculture provided an overview of the problem from a national and state perspective.  Forestry/Grounds staff presented information about the Village's EAB preparations going back to 2003, long before EAB was found in Mount Prospect.  They also explained how their strategies changed once EAB was found in Mount Prospect in 2010, and how the Village is responding this year, now that the number of confirmed finds are increasing exponentially in every neighborhood.

The use of EAB insecticides was discussed at length.  The Village has been preventively treating about 800 parkway Ashes, selected due to their species, location, condition, and growing location, for several years.  Starting in 2011, the Village has also been authorizing citizens to treat healthy parkway Ashes, at their own expense by permit.  At the March 13, 2012 meeting the Village Board directed staff to aEAB full size adultuthorize similar treatments of infested parkway Ash trees if property owners apply to do so, as long as the trees are not imminently hazardous.  Forestry/Grounds staff does not recommend treating infested Ash trees; however,  they will now provide a permit application in response to such requests, after first inspecting the tree.  As always, the Village will retain the right to remove infested trees, even if treated, if Forestry/Grounds staff determines removal necessary.

Answers to your questions about the new policy, as well as many other frequently asked questions about EAB, can be found by clicking EAB FAQ.

Pleas contact the Public Works Department at (847)870-5640 or email Public Works  with any questions concerning Emerald Ash Borer.

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