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The Village of Mount Prospect is operating under emergency protocols dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Village Hall, Public Works, Fire Headquarters and the Community Connections Center are all closed to the public through April 30. For the latest information go to the COVID-19 page or read the latest information in the News section.

Care of Trees

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tree-gator-bagTo help ensure that the Village’s urban forest thrives, the Forestry/Grounds Division is asking residents to pay close attention to proper tree watering this summer and fall, especially in areas where many new trees were planted in the past few years.

During the first few years, prior to establishment, it is important that young trees receive at least one inch of water every seven to ten days. A thorough, deep watering is much better than frequent shallow ones. Watering is easy to do, and inexpensive considering the numerous benefits that trees provide.

Not enough water can cause serious stress to trees; primary effects occur as various plant tissues such as leaves, twigs and roots dry and become desiccated. In this instance, you may notice a yellowing and browning of the leaves, first along the margins, then progressing toward the center of the leaves. Prolonged drought will also cause the death of fine roots. This inhibits water absorption into the tree, reducing the vitality of the plant.

Secondary effects include stress, which can inhibit the production of defensive chemicals in trees, making them more susceptible to climate extremes, such as winter injury, high winds and sunscald. Trees may also become more vulnerable to insect and disease pathogens. Oftentimes when a tree is stressed, an insect or disease invades the tree opportunistically. Established trees, although generally fine with normal precipitation,
may also need water in periods of extreme heat or drought. You can contact Public Works for more tips on how to keep your trees properly watered at or 847.870.5640.