2013 Urban Forest Management Plan

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In September 2013 the Village Board adopted a newly created plan to help guide the ongoing management of the thousands of trees growing on Village parkways. The plan was prepared by Urban Forestry LLC, a highly regarded arboricultural consulting firm, after working for eight months with Public Works Forestry/Grounds staff.    


A link to the full plan can be found below. However a few highlights include these findings.

  • The Village’s 23,724 parkway trees have an appraised value of $118 million, and the majority of these trees are in very good to excellent condition largely owing to the routine maintenance they receive.
  • Using methodology know as i-Tree Streets modeling, Urban Forestry LLC determined that the Village’s current urban forest management program provides a return of $2.29 for each dollar spent on the care of the Village’s parkway trees.
  • On nearly all accounts, the Village has maintained a progressive and effective tree management program over the past twenty years.
  • In spite of challenges such as diseases, insects and storms, the average longevity of the Village’s parkway trees is significantly above average.

  For more information, please call Public Works at 847-870-5640.



 Tree Chart Management Plan


2013 Urban Forest Management Plan