What is Easy Read?

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What is Easy Read?
Easy Read is the Village of Mount Prospect’s new project to install automated meter reading (AMR) technology in homes and businesses throughout the Village (does not include Illinois American service area). We will upgrade water meters with state-of-art equipment that will allow the Village to obtain meter readings without entering your property or having the resident submit a monthly read. Mount Prospect’s Easy Read project delivers better customer service by providing accurate bills based on actual consumption, eliminating the need for residents to read their meter, and overall improved efficiency.

How does AMR work?
Every upgraded water meter is connected to a small battery-powered device (endpoint) that is installed close the meter usually in the basement or craw space. The Endpoint will read the meter several times each day and send a brief, low-powered radio signal to a nearby Collector. Collectors then transmit all meter reads to the Village eliminating the need for manual meter readings.
Specifically the Village is using the Badger ORION SE fixed network system, using a wireless fixed network system that has three components:

• End Point: This unit is connected to the water meter and “reads” the meter every hour. Every six hours, the end point sends its information to the Data Collector.

• Data Collector: A total of 19 data collectors are located throughout the Village on Village buildings, street lights, and water facilities. The Data Collector transmits the meter readings to the Village’s water meter reading computer.

• Automatic Meter Infrastructure Control Computer: The Mount Prospect billing software will use this information to calculate the amount of water used and create bills.

How much will this upgrade cost me?
There is NO COST to residents or commercial properties for the Easy Read meter upgrade.