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When will Easy Read come to my home or business?
You will be notified by mail when installers are scheduled to be in your neighborhood and when you should call to schedule an appointment. Please do not call until you have received notification. 

How will I be notified when AMR is to be installed at my home? (Click on link to view information on the notification process)
Approximately four weeks before Easy Read installations begin in your area, you will receive notification by mail. Approximately two weeks later, you will receive a letter providing you with specific information about scheduling appointments. If the installers are working in your neighborhood, and you have not called to schedule an appointment, they may come to your home asking to upgrade your meter that day. You are not obligated to let the installer in without an appointment.

How is the installation done?
The Easy Read installer will locate your water meter (often in the basement of your home or business). Most residents will receive a new register (component of the meter that displays the read) head while some residents will receive a new meter. For residential customers, replacing the meter will require installers to turn off the water briefly. This allows installers to remove the old meter and install a new one. Water service may be interrupted for commercial customers as well.

When the meter is installed, the Easy Read installer will test the meter to ensure that it is operational. The installer will also install the Endpoint (radio transmitter) near the meter usually in the floor joists of the basement or craw space. The Endpoint will be wired to the water meter. The installer will then program the Endpoint using a handheld computer to allow communication between the Endpoint and your water meter. The job is complete when the installer has removed his/her equipment and any debris.

Our Easy Read team will perform quality checks. You may be among the customers contacted to allow this second visit. Your cooperation in this effort is appreciated.

How long will it take?
Residential installation should take less than a half-hour, in most instances. Some installations may take longer. An adult resident of at least 18 years of age most be present.

Commercial installations should take about 30 minutes, but depending on the location of the meter and meter size installations could take several hours. An adult resident of at least 18 years of age most be present.

Who will perform the installation?
The Village has contracted Professional Meters, Inc. (PMI) to perform the installation. A representative from PMI will arrive at your home at the scheduled appointment time in truck or van marked with the PMI logo (picture below). The PMI representative will be wearing a shirt or jacket with the PMI logo and will be carrying a PMI identification badge. Do not hesitate to contact PMI or the Village to confirm the installer’s identity.


Will my water meter service be interrupted during installation?
In many cases, water service will be turned off for 15-20 minutes. The installer will make certain that service is restored before leaving your home. Typically, if there is a functioning by-pass, water service will not be interrupted for commercial customers.

What if my water meter is not accessible (behind a wall, obstructed by personal property, etc.)?
The water meter must be accessible as required by Village code 9.409. If the installer determines that the water meter is not accessible at the time of installation a new appointment will need to be scheduled and the meter must be made accessible prior to the next appointment. Any costs associated with making the water meter accessible are the responsibility of the resident.