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General Commuter Parking Information

The Metra Commuter Rail/Union Pacific Northwest Line runs through and has a station in Downtown Mount Prospect.  The station is located on Northwest Highway between Emerson Street and Route 83/Elmhurst Rd.

There are several village-operated commuter parking lots in the downtown area: Northwest Highway and Route 83 and Maple Street lot at the corner of Maple and Prospect Avenue.  Commuter Parking Lot Map

The daily parking fee is $2.00.  The commuter parking lots utilize a combination of permit parking, parking kiosks and mobile application to collect parking fees.

Link to Metra Rail - Union Pacific Northwest Line Schedule


 Parking Kiosks 

Things to Know:

  • The parking kiosks accept coins, bills and bank issued credit/debit cards. 
  • There are eight conveniently located parking kiosks.
  • The rate for daily parking is $2.00. 
  • The parking kiosks DO NOT GIVE CHANGE.
  • YOU MUST keep all parking receipts.  The Village will NOT issue refunds without adequate documentation.
  • For more information on the parking kiosk please visit New Parking Kiosks.


Whoosh! Mobile Application Parking
Things to Know:

  • Whoosh! offers an alternative to paying at the parking kiosks by allowing commuters to pay for parking from their smart phone.
  • There is a $0.35 transaction fee applied to each $2.00 purchase.  The $0.35 pays for the use of the mobile service and is collected by Parkeon the vendor providing the mobile payment service.  The Village only receives the $2.00 parking fee.
  • For more information on Whoosh! please visit Mobile Payment App.


Permit Parking
Things to Know:

  • Permit parking offers an alternative to daily payment options (cash, bank issued credit/debit card, or Whoosh! mobile application) by offering a monthly parking permit.  Instead of paying for parking at the parking kiosks on a daily basis commuters are able to purchase a permit for a cost of $40 a month.
  • Fore more information on the Village's permit parking program, please visit permit parking.
What to do if:
You have been issue a parking citation, but paid for the parking space:
  • Mail your receipt along with the parking ticket to the Mount Prospect Police Department (112 E Northwest Hwy, Mount Prospect, IL 60056)
Contact Information:
If one of the parking kiosk is not working:
  • Village of Mount Prospect Public Works Department - 847.870.5640
If you have questions concerning a parking citation:
  • Village of Mount Prospect Police Department: 847.870.5656