Step 4 - Testing

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Pursuant to state law, all Double Check (DC) and Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow preventers must be tested and recertified on an annual basis. This requirement includes Double Detector Check (DDC) Assemblies and Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies (RPDA) (NOTE: DDC and RPDA assemblies are DC and RPZ devices modified for service in fire sprinkler systems).

Testing and repairs (f necessary) can only be performed by a licensed State of Illinois plumber with a cross connection control device inspector (CCCDI) certification. Tests or repairs performed by any individual lacking proper licensure are invalid and will not be accepted by the Village.

The Village does not maintain any listing of approved, endorsed, or preferred cross connection control device inspectors. The Village emphasizes that each property owner should make certain that the plumber they use is properly licensed. In addition, the Village recommends that each property owner obtain at least three (3) competitive estimates for backflow preventer test and repair work.

Copies of all backflow preventer test reports must be physically affixed to the device and continuously displayed.

In addition, a copy of the test report must be submitted to the Village. State law and the Village Code require the Village to maintain records of backflow preventer tests and repairs. The report should be submitted to Public Works Department prior to the expiration of the most recent certification. All test reports should be submitted to:

Mount Prospect Public Works
Cross Connection Control Program
1700 West Central Road
Mount Prospect, IL 60056-2229

All testing and repair information should be submitted on the Village of Mount Prospect Backflow Assembly Test and Certification Report. After January 1, 2006, backflow preventer test reports will only be accepted if they are submitted on this form. In the meantime, tests reported on third-party forms will be accepted provided they contain the following information:

  • Date of test.
  • Name and CCCDI number of person performing the test.
  • Test results.
  • Repairs or service required.
  • Repairs or service performed and date completed.
  • A separate report should be submitted for each device tested.

In addition to the test report, a $10 Cross Connection Control Program Administration Fee must be paid for each device. For example, if you install 3 devices on your property, 3 separate backflow assembly test reports must be submitted. These reports should be accompanied by a check, made payable to the Village of Mount Prospect, Illinois, in the amount of $30.

This fee is due annually and should accompany the test report.

If the fee is submitted separately, it should be sent to the attention of the Mount Prospect Public Works Cross Connection Control Program referenced above and should identify the property where the backflow preventers are installed.

Questions or concerns about backflow preventer testing and fees should be directed to the Superintendent of Water/Sewer.