Step 2 - Analysis

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Once the survey forms have been completed, they are submitted for review and analysis by the Village Plumbing Inspector. The Plumbing Inspector is assisted in this effort by the Superintendent of Water and Sewer.

The purpose of this review is to carefully consider information garnered from the survey process and make certain that the Village-owned water distribution system is sufficiently protected from backflow contamination. Often, the manner in which consumers use water can create cross connections, or potential cross connections, that endanger both private plumbing systems and the public water distribution system.

To gain a better understanding as to how water use can impact backflow prevention decisions, please check out the Q & A page at the end of this link.

Once a survey form has been reviewed, and cross connection threats analyzed, the Plumbing Inspector may issue a written order to the water consumer to install specified backflow protection (compliance). In some cases, this protection may include the installation of one or more approved backflow preventers at specified locations.

In other cases, survey information may be incomplete, or the plumbing systems at surveyed properties too complex, to make a reasonable assessment of risk. In these situations, the Plumbing Inspector may direct the water consumer to conduct a detailed inspection of their private plumbing system utilizing the services of a licensed Cross Connection Control Device Inspector (CCCDI). The results of this inspection will be used to determine where and what type of backflow protection is required.

Questions or concerns regarding the survey analysis process should be directed to the Plumbing Inspector.

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