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The Village of Mount Prospect is operating under emergency protocols dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Village Hall, Public Works, Fire Headquarters and the Community Connections Center are all closed to the public through April 7. For the latest information go to the COVID-19 page or read the latest information in the News section.

Crack Sealing Program

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An effective way to help preserve village roads is through the annual crack sealing program.  Routing, cleaning, and sealing roadway cracks is an effective pavement preservation practice for streets that exhibit nominal pavement distress.  The primary cause of asphalt failure is water infiltration into the street sub grade.  The purpose of crack sealing is to prevent the intrusion  of water to the base.  Stopping water from entering into and under the pavement keeps the base stable and the pavement strong. Crack sealing is one of the most cost-effective preventative maintenance practices for village roads.

The Village's crack sealing contractor is scheduled  to begin crack sealing Thursday, August 1, 2019 with work to be completed by Friday, August 25 (weather permitting).  The list of streets to be crack sealed in the current year's program are listed below.

Map of 2019 Crack Sealing Program