Public Works Annual Reports

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Preparing an annual report provides us with an opportunity for reflection and goal setting.  As a department, we strive to inform the public of all that we do to beautify, maintain and enhance the functionality of the Village.  This report is away to communicate the department's ever-important responsibilities and the constant pursuit of improvement and efficiency.

These reports summarize the organized efforts and diverse functions of the Mount Prospect Public Works Department.  The annual report has been developed to connect to key departmental tasks identified in the Village of Mount Prospect Strategic Plan with the outcomes of the operations conducted by the Department of Public Works.  Furthermore, the report evidences the key initiatives, projects, programs and accomplishments that have taken place over the past year by the Public Works Department in an effort to maintain and enhance the quality of life within the Village of Mount Prospect.

The Public Works Department will publish an Annual Report on a yearly basis in an ongoing effort to link the results achieved by the Public Works Department with the goals and objectives identified from the Village's Strategic Plan.  Moreover, this document was developed to provide more transparency for Public Works operations and as a communication tool that discusses how municipal service delivery is approached within the Village of Mount Prospect.

2019 Public Works Annual Report


2018 Public Works Annual Report 

2017 Public Works Annual Report

2016 Public Works Annual Report