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Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding employment opportunities and testing at the Mount Prospect Police Department.  

1. Where is Mount Prospect Located?
Located 22 miles from downtown Chicago in the Northwest Suburbs of Cook County.
Located 6 miles from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
Land Area of 10.25 square miles.
Nearest highway interchange: I-90 at Elmhurst Rd. (ILL RT. 83)

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2. Does the Mount Prospect Police Department have a residency requirement?

Applicants must be residents of the state of Illinois at the time of employment.

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3. What are the requirements for a position as a police officer?

Citizenship: Must be a citizen of the united states at the time of filing formal application.
Age: All applicants must have attained the age of twenty-one (21) years but not more than 35 years old by the testing date.

Education: Applicants for original appointment to the police department must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent as recognized by the state of Illinois and not less than sixty (60) college semester hours or its equivalent as stated below. For purposes of original employment, the following shall be deemed to be the equivalent of the number of college credits set forth:

A. Thirty (30) college equivalency semester hours for each full 12 months of non-disability service as a police officer with another full time, officially constituted and sanctioned police department in the united states.

B. Thirty (30) college equivalency semester hours for each full 12 months of engagement in the military service of the united states. This shall not apply to persons who were not honorably discharged or who were convicted by court martial or other legal process for disobedience of orders or crimes in the military which are the substantive equivalent of the crimes set forth in the rules and regulations of the board of fire and police commission. Persons who were solely reservists shall not be eligible to claim these equivalency credits.

C. Applicants who are or were employed in the village of mount prospect police department as community service officer may claim ten (10) hours of college equivalency credits for each full twelve (12) months of such employment up to a maximum of twenty (20) hours.

D. Thirty (30) College Equivalency semester hours for demonstrating fluency in any language prevalent in the Mount Prospect Police service area. Fluency shall mean a clearly demonstrated ability to read, write and understand the language in common police and fire circumstances. Whether or not a foreign language is prevalent in the Mount Prospect service area shall be the sole determination of the Board.

Driver's license: Must possess a valid driver's license.

Physical Must satisfy the health and physical aptitude requirements of the physical agility test and medical examination.

Vision: Must have vision that is correctable to 20/40 in the poorer eye and 20/25 in the better eye, as well as proper color and peripheral vision. If the uncorrected vision is worse than 20/200 an ophthalmologist report will be required, prior to hire, to certify the condition of the retina, the applicant's ability to function as a police officer despite the condition and that the applicant understands the potential harm from the rigors of police work.

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4. Could you explain the hiring process?

  • Initial application
  • Written test
  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Oral interview with the Board of Fire & Police Commission (BOFPC)
  • Polygraph exam
  • Psychological assessment exam
  • Medical exam including drug screening
  • Thorough background investigation.

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5. What training do officers receive?

Once hired, recruit officers attend a state of Illinois certified training academy lasting up to twelve weeks, unless already certified in Illinois and recently employed as a certified police officer in another community. Upon completion of training, a recruit officer will undergo field training during a eighteen-week period with a certified police training officer.

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6. What shift hours / schedule do officers work?

Once Field Training is completed the recruit will probably move into a 56-day rotation between the three patrol shifts. The department currently allows permanent shift bidding for senior officers. Choice of shift is based on seniority as well as management concerns to assure proper operational balance and effectiveness. A new recruit officer should not expect a permanent shift assignment for a number of years.

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7. How often must an officer go to court?

Officers generally attend one local court call and one state court call per month.

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8. What is the salary range for a police officer at Mount Prospect?

Starting $55,559
After 1 Year $57,099
After 2 Years $61,667
After 3 Years $66,600
After 4 Years $71,930
After 5 Years $77,683
After 6 Years $83,958

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9. What specialties are offered at the Mount Prospect Police Department?

Language Interpreter
Evidence Technician
Breathalyzer Operator
Field Youth Officer
Accident Investigator
Range Officer
Police Training Officer

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10. Where can I find information on upcoming career fairs?

Please review the recruiting events section or check out

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