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Due to Covid-19 precautions and the changes associated with them, the Village is providing payment extensions for Utility Bills ("Water Bills") and Vehicle Stickers

  • The March 15, 2020 and April 15, 2020 Utility Bill due dates have been extended to May 20, 2020. See information below for direct debit dates.

  • Vehicle stickers for 2020-2021 may be purchased without late fees until July 31, 2020.  There will not be any enforcement action for vehicles not displaying the current sticker until August, 2020. Vehicle stickers will not be sold in-person at Village Hall; walk-ins will not be accepted for vehicle sticker transactions until further notice. 

Utility Billing Due Date Extensions

In an attempt to assist residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village extended the due dates for both the March 15 and the April 15 bills to May 20 (see bullets below). Late payment penalties were also not applied last month and will not be applied this month, which is why the DUE BY and the DUE AFTER dates are the same on the April 15 and May 15 bills.

"Past Due" Notification: Utility invoice stationery is pre-printed and reflects “past due” for all balances at the time of billing, irrespective of the due dates. Alternate invoice stationery could not be obtained in time for printing; we apologize for any confusion and appreciate your patience while we work through this time together. Again, late payments will not be applied as noted below.

Please note, the May 15 bills were submitted for printing on May 13. Payments received on May 14 or after are not reflected on the May 15 bills. 

Bill Payment Extensions Due to COVID-19

  • The due date for water/sewer/refuse bills dated March 15, 2020 has been further extended to May 20, 2020.  Accounts on direct debit drafted on April 6, 2020, as scheduled.
  • The due date for the refuse bills dated March 31, 2020, has been extended to May 20, 2020.  Accounts on debit will draft on May 1, 2020, as scheduled.
  • The due date and direct debit bank draft for the water/sewer/refuse bills dated April 15, 2020, will be extended from May 6, 2020, to May 20, 2020. 

This page provides information for online utility bill and license renewal payments and links to access the respective secure payment portals.  

Online Utility Bill Payment Help

Online_Bill_Stock_PhotoMount Prospect is pleased to provide our residents with a fast and secure means of paying for Village water/sewer/refuse bills online using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card, or a signature debit card. If you encounter any issues, e-mail: Online Payment Questions or call 847/392-6000 during regular business hours.


As a result of the recent online payment enhancement (to make it easier for users to log into the system), you will have to create a "user profile" before signing into eUtilities.  All related changes are described in detail below.

If you do not receive the eSuite UM Account Creation Requested email to complete the Creating an eUtilities User Profile process, please contact the Finance Department at 847-392-6000.

  1. User Authentication
  2. Creating an eUtilities User Profile
  3. Resolving Forgotten Sign-In Credentials
  4. Menu Bar Enhancements
  5. Maintaining a User Profile and its Associated Accounts

To schedule an online payment, simply click on the link below.

Online Payment for Utility Billing

To sign up for direct debit payments, simply click on the link below.

Direct Debit for Utility Billing

License Renewal Payment Help

Mount Prospect also implemented a software program, Citizenserve, to provide our businesses and residents means of paying for business, rental, elevator, and residential alarm license renewal fees online using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

Choose from the below list for instructions on how to submit license renewals via the online portal: