Zoning Lookup

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GIS Map Viewer

Create a property/parcel report in the online GIS Map Viewer. Simply search by address to receive a printable report on a property's zoning, various school, park, political districts, and more.

Zoning Classifications

The Village's Zoning regulations are found in Chapter 14 of the Village Code.  

Find a property's zoning by referencing any of the following, using an address or location:

Property Lookup - Online GIS Map Viewer 

Zoning Map - Color Coded or Black and White Zoning Maps are available for download in pdf format. Note: Color map is a large file size.

Zoning List by Address – A spreadsheet of all addresses in the Village by address, including PINs and annexation year.

Click on a Zoning District Category below to view additional regulations.

Residential Districts

Non-Residential Districts

 R-X Single-family Residence  B-1 Business Office
 R-1 Single-family Residence  B-2 Neighborhood Shopping
 R-A Single-family Residence  B-3 Community Shopping
 R-2 Attached Single-family Residence  B-4 Corridor Commercial
 R-3 Low-density Residence  B-5 Central Commercial & B5C Core
 R-4 Multi-family Residence  O/R Office Research
 C-R Conservation Recreation  I-1 Limited Industrial
 I-3 Solid Waste Handling District

Land Use Tables
The Land Use Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses provide direction on land uses which may be established in the associated zoning districts as either permitted or conditional uses. Permitted uses are identified by a "P" and conditional uses are identified by a "C". If a space is left blank the use is not permitted in the respective zoning district.

Other Zoning Regulations
Bulk Requirements - A quick-reference guide to bulk regulations for all zoning districts, including setbacks, height, and floor area ratio.

Parking Requirements – A quick reference chart to parking requirements for business or industrial uses. For detailed parking requirements, see Section 14.2207 of the Village Code

Sign Regulations - Signs have an impact on the overall character of the community; therefore the Village has an ordinance that establishes limits on the size, height, number, location and design of signs. See Chapter 7 of the Village Code for more information.

For a complete reference to zoning information, refer to Chapter 14 of the Village Code.  For any additional questions, contact Jason Shallcross, Development Review Planner, at 847/818-5314 or email.