Sign Regulations

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Signs have an impact on the overall character of the community; therefore the Village has an ordinance that establishes limits on the size, height, number, location and design of signs. Chapter 7 of the Village Code [Signs] is available online, or view our Sign Guidelines Brochure for quick reference.  

Sign Permit Applications
Sign permit applications are available on the Building Permit Information and Application page.

Sign Regulations
Sign Regulations vary and are based on a variety of characteristics, such as the property's zoning district, the building and sign location, and the type of sign proposed. Different sign types and the associated code section are noted below. You may also wish to review the Sign Guidelines Brochure.  

Permitted Sign Regulations - such as Freestanding, Wall, and Awning signs, refer to Section 7.30of the Village Code.

Prohibited Signs - such as  pennants/streamers, roof-mounted signs, and inflatable signs, refer to Section 7.201 of the Village Code. Sale Banner

Special Signs - such as grand opening signs, for sale/lease signs, and directional signs, refer to Section 7.202 of the Village Code.

Temporary Signs - such as for sale/lease, special sales, special event balloon or searchlight devices, refer to Section 7.301 of the Village Code.

Illumination-  Refer to Section 7.401 of the Village Code for more details.

Exempt Signs
For Lease PhotoA few sign types are exempt from sign permits, including Banners, Flags, For Sale/Lease, and Window signs. However, there are regulations related to these sign types. Review the Commercial Property Maintenance Guide for a summary of regulations for the most common exempt signs. For a complete list of signs exempt from permit and their associated regulations, review Section 7.205 of the Village Code.

For additional information on sign regulations, contact the Community Development Department at 847/818-5328.