Rental Dwelling License Renewal

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The Village of Mount Prospect is pleased to provide our residents with a fast and secure means of paying for Rental Dwelling License Renewal fees using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards.  If you encounter any issues with the payment portal, please e-mail Online Payment Questions or call 847/870-5668 during regular business hours for assistance.

Rental Dwelling Licenses are valid for one year spanning from September 1 through August  31.  An annual renewal notice and invoice will be mailed to the property owner in July each year.  This renewal can be mailed back to the Village with a check, hand delivered to the Building Department with cash, check, or credit payment, or can be completed online through the online payment portal

Online Payment Help

Each mailed renewal form will have a unique username and password listed on the form.  This information is required for the initial payment portal login process.  Once the provided username and password are entered into the portal, the user will be prompted to create a new private username and password for security purposes. 

Any ownership information, phone numbers, emergency contacts, or other information that has changed throughout the year can be updated through the online renewal process.

To schedule an online payment, simply click on the line below:

Online Payment Portal for Rental Dwelling Licenses