Rental Housing and Licensing

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The Village’s Housing Services Program initially started as an annual inspection program of multifamily dwellings (apartments). The Village inspects 20% of its rental units each year and the program has been expanded to include tenant assistance with code violations, i.e. no heat in the winter, no hot water, etc.

For property owners and renters/tenants: Understand the Village's Tenant and Landlord's Rights:

Tenant / Landlord Rights (English)
Sumario de los Derechos del Inquilino y Propietario (Spanish)

Looking to rent a property you own? Rental properties must be registered and inspected by the Village, and all landlords must attend a Crime Free Housing workshop. Review the following links to understand the Village rules and regulations regarding rental licensing:

Crime Free Housing - Village ordinance states that the owner of any building or dwelling unit (including a single family residence) which is rented MUST obtain a residential operator’s license. A residential operator’s licenses shall not be issued until the landlord, or designated agent, has attended and successfully completed the Crime Free seminar. New landlords (or agents) have sixty days to successfully complete the Crime Free seminar. Failure to do so will result in fines and possible loss of their license to rent. Visit the Crime Free Housing webpage for seminar registration, or review the Crime Free Housing FAQs for more information.

Crime Free Housing Lease Addendum - Addendum to be provided with each lease, signed by the property owner/manager and tenant.

Rental Dwelling Application  - to be completed by the property owner and submitted to the Village. The Village licensing period is from September 1 –August 31.  Visit the online portal to apply for a single family rental license or to renew a current license.

Guide to Rental Property Maintenance Inspection - This guide provides an outline of the Village's property maintenance inspection checklist, and can help property owners/managers to prepare for annual inspections.

Are you a tenant in a rental home/apartment? The following guides may be helpful when renting a property in the Village:

Tips for Tenants (English)
Sugerencias Para Los Inquilinos (Spanish)
Guide to Care and Maintenance of Your Apartment (English)
Guía para el Cuidado y Mantenimiento de su Apartamento (Spanish)

Have residential property maintenance concerns?  For both owner-occupied and renter-occupied units, visit our Code Enforcement page or submit an online Service Request.