Code Enforcement

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The Village's Code Enforcement Program helps maintain the beauty and value of the community by encouraging the maintenance of property to community standards. Community Development staff regularly addresses concerns related to the following categories:

  • Property Maintenance and Vacant Structures
  • Planning/Zoning: Illegal signs; commercial vehicle storage; home occupation; or exterior lighting
  • Landlord/Rental: Heat maintenance, safety, and pests; or lease problems such as security deposit not returned, no written lease, regulations/rules not in lease, and landlord retaliation
  • Building Construction: Debris on-site or in the street; work without a permit; construction drainage/water complaints; temporary fencing; safety problems; or on-site construction nuisances
  • Food Related: Restaurant or food store safety; food handling and sanitation concerns; or food-borne illness

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Property Maintenance
Lawn MowerConcerns requirements related to structural maintenance and safety problems of buildings, fences, pools, sheds; rubbish and garbage accumulations; vermin; long grass/weeds; inoperable vehicles. The following guides and forms help to ensure properties comply with Village Code:

Residential Property Maintenance Guide - Highlights local rules and regulations concerning garbage/sanitation, storage of vehicles, pets, and other residential property maintenance issues.
Commercial Property Maintenance Guide - Includes regulations regarding parking lot maintenance, sanitation, outdoor storage/sales, and signage for commercial properties.
Graffiti Removal Guide - This brochure provides advice for graffiti removal, including contact information for the Cook County Sheriff graffiti removal program and other removal service companies.


Vacant Structures
Vacant HomeThe Village requires vacant structures to be maintained in similar accordance with the residential and commercial property regulations. Registration of vacant properties is required in all cases. There is a $500 fee to offset the Village costs to monitor the structure.  Download the vacant structure registration form.



Sign Guidelines
Sale sign in windowSigns are an important part of any successful business, but it is often forgotten that signs become an important part of the landscape. The Village's sign regulations help promote strong business practices while preserving the image of the Village. 

For a summary of the most common sign regulations, refer to the Commercial Property Maintenance Guide. For more detailed information, refer to the Chapter 7 Sign Regulations in the Village Code.


If you have questions or require additional information regarding Code Enforcement in the Village, contact the Community Development Department at 847/818-5328.