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Single Family Incentive Program

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Single Family Incentive Program and Residential Fire Sprinklers

Residential fire sprinklers are proven to save lives and are the safest option available to Homeowners and Developers.  Since 2003, the Village has required residential sprinkler systems to be installed in all new homes and some home additions.  Some developers and builders chose to work around the building codes through limited designs or choosing to not invest in the community. 

Until April 30, 2020, the Village Board approved the following incentive options to encourage the installation of fire sprinklers in single family construction projects:

  • Option 1 - 50% reduction of permit costs intended to offset some of the costs incurred with the installation of the full 13D residential fire sprinkler system and ultimately encourage single family reinvestment.

  • Option 2 - 25% reduction of permit costs for a “multipurpose” sprinkler system (or looped 13d system) which uses the domestic water system to supply the sprinklers throughout a home, but doesn’t require a backflow preventer or separate dedicated sprinkler piping.

  • Option 3 - Limited Residential Fire Sprinkler System (LRFSS). This concept incorporates upgraded compartmentalization of fire areas by requiring the entire home to be protected by fire rated (type-x) gypsum board and requires the elimination of engineered roof trusses and floor trusses from the house framing system which have been proven to deteriorate faster in a fire. The LRFSS would also be required to provide domestic fire sprinkler coverage within the kitchen and the mechanical areas of the house only. Incentive 3 does not include a rebate or incentive, the benefit resulting from the reduced costs of the system.

Free Pre-submittal Meetings with Developers, Contractors, and Residents

We strongly encourage all developers, homeowners and contractors to make an appointment to review these incentives early in the design process to help decide the best incentive option for your project.  To schedule an appointment call 847/870-5675 or email  There is no fee for this meeting.

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