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New Residential Fee Code

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New Residential Fee Code

In order to streamline the building permit process and associated fees, the Village has implemented a new fee code.  All new fees will be effective April 1, 2018

Instead of variable fees based on construction costs, the new fees are organized into flat fee tiers based on the scope of the project.  Some examples are:

  • $75 each for fences, roofs and sheds
  • $200 (with $100 refundable) for decks, concrete pavement, and simple mechanical, electrical or plumbing projects
  • $500 ($150 refundable) for kitchen remodels or to finish a basement
  • $750 ($250 refundable) for full interior remodels or fire restorations

In addition to the simplified flat fees, the structure for residential additions and new single family homes have been modified to remove cost of construction as a factor in fees:    

  • Additions and New Construction $2 per square feet of new construction, minimum fee of $750, plus a $350 refundable escrow
  • Interior remodel associated with an addition, $1 per square foot    

View the new fee code here

These fees include all plan reviews and initial inspections for the project.  Any additional inspections will be charged against the refundable escrow.

To further streamline the permit process, the Village will no longer license each individual trade contractor.  Instead, only the General Contractor will need to be licensed by the Village. 

This fee is $200 for each General Contractor.

Individual trade contractors will be licensed through the State as required.

Free Pre-submittal Meetings with Developers, Contractors, and Residents

We strongly encourage all developers, homeowners and contractors to make an appointment to review these incentives early in the design process to help decide the best incentive option for your project.  To schedule an appointment call 847/870-5675 or email  There is no fee for this meeting.