Monarch Butterfly Initiatives

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Monarch_Website_Rev._1The Monarch Butterfly is the most recognizable butterfly of the United States.  With its bright orange wings striped in black and two rows of vibrant white dots, they are easily spotted and noticed. This miraculous winged insect makes a journey thousands of miles every year; from as far south as Mexico and Central America, all the way north into Southern Canada.  As this long journey takes tremendous amounts of energy, the butterfly must stop frequently enough to feed on nectar and lay eggs to continue its legacy.  Because this journey is so exhausting, it is important for towns and communities to make sure they are doing their part to give areas of respite and sanctuary to these marvelous wonders. 

Here in Mount Prospect, Illinois, we are doing our part.  Over the past years we have incorporated five major butterfly gardens within our Village’s borders that are located on Village property.  These locations (listed below) have a vast number of plants to attract butterflies and provide them with food for the journey, as well as feeder plants for laying eggs.  These Waystations are part of our Village’s effort to try and stem the decline of the Monarch Butterfly.  Please click on the links below to learn about ways that you can help keep the Monarch Butterfly’s legacy from disappearing… And, perhaps visit a few locations of our gardens.

Mayor's Monarch Pledge:Monarch_Website_Rev._2 

Monarch Waystation Program:

The National Wildlife Federation - Monarch Butterfly:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Save the Monarch:

The Garden Club of Mount Prospect:

Mount Prospect's butterfly gardens:

Public Works - Located at 1700 W Central

Rand and Central Road (2 beds) - Located at 2 S Mount Prospect Road, and 21 Rand Road

Centennial Park - Located at 1000 Centennial Drive

Moehling Park - Located at 10 S Pine
Monarch Way Station