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Outdoor Dining Permits

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In order to promote a healthy relationship between your business, your customers, and the surrounding property owners, the Village has adopted specific regulations relating to outdoor dining.

Outdoor Dining on Private Property Outdoor Dining
Outdoor Dining is permitted on the same zoning lot in conjunction with an established restaurant in the B3, B4, or B5/B5C zoning districts. A permit is not required if the dining area complies with Section 14.311 (B) (1) of the Zoning Code and is located entirely on private property.

Outdoor Dining on Public Property
A permit is required if the proposed outdoor dining area will be located on public property (i.e. pubic right-of-way).  Permits for outdoor dining on public property are valid for one year and businesses must reapply each year.
Submission Requirements – details items that must be submitted in addition to the permit application.
Outdoor Dining Permit Application

Note: The Operational Limitations for Outdoor Dining apply to Outdoor Dining on Public or Private Property.

Not all businesses are able to provide outdoor dining due to the geographic constraints of their particular business. To determine if your business is able to provide outdoor dining, consult Section 14.311 of the Zoning Code, or contact the Community Development Department's Planning Division at (847) 818-5328