Business Licenses

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All businesses operating within the Village of Mount Prospect must maintain a current Business License, with the exception of Home Occupations. Contractors working within the Village, regardless of office location, must have a current Contractors License. The Business License process ensures proper inspection and safety information is maintained for your business. The licensing process also ensures that your business complies with various Village Ordinances/Regulations. For existing businesses, active business licenses must be maintained on an annual basis.

Clipbord Form Complete a Business License Application when:

-  Opening a new business

-  When your existing business changes locations - even suites within the same   building

-  When your business has a change in ownership or legal name

-  When there is a change in the business' square footage, either a reduction or expansion


Be sure to read the Business License Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to understand the business license process, and for contact information to schedule the required inspections.

Application Forms

Business License Application - This application form is applicable for all types of businesses, including businesses that are regulated by the State of Illinois, and must be filled out completely to avoid delay in processing.

If your business is regulated by the State of Illinois, a copy of your current State License must be submitted to the Village with the Business License Application. 

Food and Beverage Tax Return Form - Businesses that sell food and beverage must pay the Village's food and beverage tax. Complete this form and submit to the Finance Department on a monthly basis.

Application Addendums

Certain types of uses require addendums to be submitted with the Business License/Certificate Application. 

Vending Machine Addendum  - For all businesses that have any coin operated devices on site, such as games, juke boxes, coin-turn (candy, gum, etc.), soda machines, coin-operated laundry, and similar machines.

Massage Therapy Addendum – Article XXXIX of the Village Code details restrictions and requirements related to Massage Therapy establishments. This addendum shall be submitted with the standard Business License application.

Food and Beverage Packet -  For prepared foods and alcoholic liquor purchased at retail in the Village of Mount Prospect.

Business License Renewals

For more information on annual license renewals, please see Business License Renewal instructions.


For questions, contact Antonia Lalagos, Management Analyst, at 847-818-5328 or by email.