Licenses and Permits

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FilesThe Village of Mount Prospect is pleased to announce the arrival of the online payment and renewal portal for all business licenses, residential dwelling licenses, residential alarm licenses, elevator licenses and contractor licenses.  Visit the online portal to make a payment or renewal now!

The Community Development Department and Village Manager’s Office process several types of business-related permit applications. If you are unsure what permits you may need for your business, please contact the Community Development Department at 847/818-5328 or email for more information.

Business Licenses – A Business License or Business Certificate is required for all businesses operating in the Village of Mount Prospect, with the exception of Home Based Businesses (Home Occupations).
Businesses operated out of a residence have their own regulations; more information on Home Occupations.

Building Permits - A good rule of thumb is if it involves adding, moving, or exposing water, gas, electricity or walls, or it involves your property lines, it is going to need a permit! The Community Development Department has consolidated all building permit types into a single application, available here.  Visit the Online Portal to apply electronically. 

Contractor Licenses - A Contractor's License is required for all General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Roofers and HVAC. Your Company is considered a General Contractor when they are the ONLY contractor on a project or overseeing Multiple Trades on a project.

Sign Permits – All installation of new signs, including sign faces, requires a Permit. Please do not contract for your sign until you and/or your sign company have received an approved permit from the Village.

Liquor Licenses – An application for a liquor license is available through the Village Manager’s Office upon request.

Outdoor Dining Permit - A permit is required if the proposed outdoor dining area will be located on public property (i.e. public right-of-way).  Permits for outdoor dining are valid for one year and businesses are required to reapply each year.

Business Alarm License - NOTE: If you have noted on your Business License Application that the business has an alarm, this form is not required. Use this form if you have added an alarm after you've received a business license. An application for an alarm license is available as a PDF or can be picked up at the Police Department, 112 E. Northwest Highway. A $25 annual fee is required with a completed application.