Transportation Safety Commission

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Meeting Schedule:

Meets the second Monday of the month, as needed, at 7 p.m. at the Emergency Operations Center Building, 1720 W. Central Road.


To assist, inform and advise the Village's staff and elected official on matters pertaining to the transportation of people and materials within the Village, between the village and adjoining municipalities, and throughout the northeastern Illinois region as it affects the residents of our Village.

Staff Contact:

Matt Lawrie, Assistant Village Engineer, 847-870-5640 or email.


Nine voting members, including one representative from the Village Police Department, the Village Fire Department and the Village Public Works Department, and one non-voting ex-officio member who shall be a representative of the Village Engineering Division.

Member  Appointment Date  Term Expires
 Justin Kuehlthau - Chair  02/2012  05/2020
 John Keane  11/2000  05/2020
 Jeffrey Nejdl  06/2019  11/2023
 Tina DeAragon  02/2019  02/2023
 Christopher Prosperi  05/2016  05/2020
 Carol Tortorello  12/2001  07/2021
 Commander Bob Smith - Police    
 Battalion Chief Randy Uidl    
 Street Superintendent Scott Moe - Public Works    

View past Transportation Safety Commission meeting agendas and minutes in the Village's online archive.