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Foreign Fire Tax Board

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Meeting Schedule: Meets quarterly at the Police and Fire Administrative Building, 112 E. Northwest Highway, in the 2nd Floor Library.

Purpose: To receive and expend foreign fire tax funds for the maintenance, use and benefit of the Village Fire Department, in accordance with the Illinois Compiled Statutes (Ord. 5511, 9-20-2005).

Staff Contact: 
Fire Chief Brian Lambel, 847-870-5660

Membership: The board shall consist of seven (7) board members, who need not be residents, as follows:

1. One board member shall be the chief of the Fire Department,
2. One board member shall serve from the sworn rank of battalion chief and above,
3. One board member shall serve from the sworn rank of lieutenant,
4. Three (3) board members shall serve from the sworn rank of firefighter, and
5. One board member shall serve from the Fire Department's nonsworn personnel.

Member  Appointed                 Term Expires
Matt Pastori - Chairman                                                      01/2016  01/2020
Ben Johnson - Co-Chair  01/2018  01/2020
Dane Phenegar - Trustee  01/2016  01/2021
Brad Bocox - Secretary  01/2017  01/2021
Michele Kowalczyk - Treasurer  01/2015  01/2021
Todd Novak - Trustee  01/2018  01/2020
Fire Chief Brian Lambel - Trustee  01/2015  no expiration per state statute
View Foreign Fire Tax Board meetings agendas and minutes in the Village's online archive