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Village Utility Bills - Your Questions Answered

Post Date:05/18/2020 5:10 PM

The Village has received numerous calls regarding recent utility/water bills dated May 15, 2020. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions related to the recent billing.  

Why does my bill say I have a "past due" amount when the April 15, 2020 bill due date was extended to May 20, 2020? 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Village delayed the March 15 and April 15 utility bill due dates to May 20, 2020. However, the software system used to generate the bills noted any balance shown in our accounts beyond May 13, 2020 (the day we import data to generate and print the May 15th bills), automatically listed these balances as past due. Please note: these amounts are not past due and have not incurred late fees. The March 15th and April 15th bills, with their associated due dates of May 20, may show up in the "Past Due" box on the bill, but be assured no late fees have been assessed. You may still pay your March or April bills by May 20 with no penalty.

We apologize for any confusion, as this is a stationary template issue that we were not able to modify with our bill printer. 

When is my May 15, 2020 utility bill due? 

May 15th utility bills are due June 8, 2020.

Why does my water bill seem higher than normal?

The Village bills based on water consumption (Volumetric Fees) and a nominal fixed fee. The most recent rate change occurred in January, 2020 and was announced in the January/February edition of the Village Newsletter. In a time where many of us are abiding by the Governor's stay-at-home order, working from home, cooking more, and going out less, it's not uncommon for water usage to increase. 

How are the Village's Water and Sewer rates determined? 

The Village Board approved and adopted a water/sewer rate study in 2017. The study defined the rate increases needed for water/sewer funds to keep up with the infrastructure needs of the water/sewer utilities. Before the adoption of the study, the Village infrastructure for the water/sewer utilities were at the replacement cycle of 600+ years, far beyond this infrastructure's normal lifespan of 75 years. With the help of the rate structure provided in the rate study, we will be able to lower the replacement cycle from 600+ years to 130 years. The water/sewer monthly bill includes a fixed fee, and all other charges are based on consumption.  The current rate structure based on the approved rate study is defined as below:

Utility Bill Chart
For a monthly consumption of 5,000 gallons, the current monthly water bill is $60.25, and for the sewer, it is $16.55. The total monthly bill for the consumption of 5,000 gallons is $76.80.  Per the adopted rate study, the above charges are billed and collected each month. 

Note that some areas of Mount Prospect are served by Illinois American Water, which operates under their own rate structure. 

Can I pay my bill online? 

Yes! The Village offers both one-time payment and direct debit options. Payment can be made via MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express credit card, or a signature debit card. Direct debit pays your bill automatically each month and can be set up through your existing checking or savings account. You will need to create an eUtilities account profile to get started. Learn more about online bill pay.

 If you have questions regarding your utility bill, contact the Finance Department at 847-392-6000. 

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