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Hydrant Flushing Scheduled

Post Date:05/08/2020
hydrantThe Mount Prospect Public Works Department will be flushing Village-owned fire hydrants throughout the water distribution system. The program will run for two weeks beginning on Monday, May 11 and concluding of Friday, May 22 weather dependent.

This annual program is necessary to ensure that every fire hydrant operates properly and to clear the water distribution system of unwanted debris and sediment to assure good water quality. Public Works crews will be placing notice signs throughout the neighborhoods before the program commences.

After fire hydrants in the neighborhoods have been flushed, please check your tap water before using it for cooking, drinking or laundry as some rust or other stain-producing particles may remain. These particles remain only briefly in the water, giving your water a slightly rusty tinge but is completely safe to drink. The rusty tinge should disappear within a few moments if you leave the tap running. If your laundry becomes stained when washed immediately after flushing, do not add bleach as the bleach may set the stain permanently into the fabric.

For more information about the Village of Mount Prospect’s hydrant flushing program, call Public Works at 847-870-5640.
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