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Boards and Commissions

Chapter 5 of the Village Code governs the establishment, governance and membership of the Village’s Boards and Commissions. Comprised of citizen volunteers, the Mayor nominates and the Board of Trustees approves individuals who have both the experience and interest to serve on these Boards. Vacancies are filled on an as needed basis. Individuals who serve the Village in this capacity find the experience to be both challenging and rewarding. Volunteer work is an invaluable part of our government process. If you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, click here or contact Doreen Jarosz at 847/818-5300.

Meeting dates are subject to change. Please confirm dates on the Village Calendar.

Audit Committee
Meets at least twice a year, corresponding with the work on the annual audit.
Purpose: To further enhance the independence of the external audit by providing a direct link between the auditor, corporate authorities and Village management. The Committee is advisory in nature and intended to assist the corporate authorities in obtaining and monitoring the Village's annual audit and to ensure a fair and accurate presentation of the Village's financial statements.
Staff Contact: David Erb, 847/392-6000
1. Two (2) members of the Board of Trustees;
2. One member of the Finance Commission; and
3. Two (2) residents of the Village at large. 

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Timothy McDermott – Chair 07/2013 07/2017
Vince Grochocinski 11/2008 11/2016
Arlene A. Juracek 05/2013 03/2020
John Matuszak 11/2008 11/2016
Robert Rath 05/2016 05/2020

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners
Meets monthly; schedule determined by Commission. Meetings held at the Police and Fire Headquarters, 112 E. Northwest Highway.
Purpose: To prepare and conduct competitive examinations for the appointment of Police Officers and Firefighter/Paramedics, as well as promotions within those departments. The Board also conducts hearings relative to disciplinary matters.
Staff Contact: Diane Rhode, 847/870-5678
The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners ("BOFPC") shall consist of either three (3) or five (5) members as the Mayor may from time-to-time deem appropriate. Members must be residents of the Village.

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Jim Powers - Chair 09/2008 09/2018
Charles F. Bennett 09/2008 09/2018
Mark W. Busse     11/2011 11/2018
Jackie Hinaber 04/2014 04/2017

BOFPC Rules and Regulations

Centennial Commission
Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month in the Executive Conference Room, 3rd Floor of Village Hall.
Purpose: To plan and promote a coordinated effort to celebrate the Village of Mount Prospect's centennial year (2017).
Staff Contact: Marianthi Thanopoulos, 847/818-5308
Seven to Eleven Members

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Jean Murphy - Co-Chair 08/2013 12/2018
Leo Floros - Co-Chair 08/2013 12/2018
Sharon Anderson 01/2014 12/2018
Alexander Bertolucci 08/2013 12/2018
Gerald “Skip” and Janice Farley 08/2013 12/2018
Dale Henricksen 01/2016 12/2018
Linda Hoefert 08/2013 12/2018
Patrick Mogge 03/2015 12/2018
Michaele Skowron 08/2013 12/2018
Christy Watychowicz 08/2013 12/2018
John Zulaski 08/2013


Citizen Corps Commission - INACTIVE 
Meets twice yearly at a minimum, as required.
Purpose: To promote and enhance homeland security by providing a means of communication and coordination among the various citizen corps programs throughout the Village of Mount Prospect.
Eight commission members from designated entities who reside or work in the Village. 

Community Relations Commission - INACTIVE 

Purpose: The mission of the Community Relations Commission shall be to promote and foster understanding, mutual respect, cooperation and positive relations between and among all residents of Mount Prospect regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin or ancestry to the end that a sense of shared community among all residents is strengthened, the value of each individual is affirmed and the constitutional rights of all are realized. This Commission is also responsible for Community Development Block Grant Funds and for the provisions of the Fair Housing Ordinance.

Economic Development Commission
Meets the third Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. at Village Hall (as-needed
Purpose: To encourage and facilitate economic growth throughout the Village and to advise the Mayor and Board of Trustees on economic development goals and objectives. The Commission's main functions include business retention, business attraction, and marketing of the Village.
Staff Contact: Bill Cooney, 847/392-6000
Seven members w/chief executive or similar managerial positions of businesses/corporations in the Village, business owners or entrepreneurs, or residents with expertise in business development. The Chair shall be a Village resident.

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Thomas (Skip) Robertson - Chair 06/2006 07/2017
John Healy 09/2009 08/2017
Daniel Novak 09/2009 08/2017
James Peterson 08/2013 07/2017
David Roe  02/2015 01/2019

Finance Commission
Meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.
Purpose: To advise and assist the Mayor and Board of Trustees in the maintenance of a sound tax structure and overall fiscal policy.
Staff Contact: David Erb, 847/392-6000
Seven members. In making appointments, consideration shall be given to the appointee’s background relating to municipal finance and planning.

Member Appointment date Term Expires
John Kellerhals - Chair 05/2005 09/2020
Pam Bazan 09/2008 10/2017
Trisha Chokshi 09/2014        09/2020
Vince Grochocinski 06/1989 09/2020
Don Ocwieja 07/2007 08/2019
Thomas Pekras 07/1983 10/2017
Mary Rath  05/2015 05/2019

Firefighters' Pension Board
Purpose: It shall be the duty of the members of the Fire Pension Board to manage, invest and control the fire pension fund and all monies pertaining thereto in the manner provided by statute.
Staff Contact: Fire Chief Brian Lambel, 847/870-5660
5 members
Firefighters: 3-year terms
Retirees: 3-year terms
+ (2) Appointed by Mayor & Board
++ (2) Elected by Firefighters
+++ (1) Elected by retirees

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Fire Chief Brian Lambel 2015 2018
David O. Erb, Dir. of Finance + 2003 2017
Sam Baas, Trustee (Retired) 2000 2018
James East 2013 2016
Joe Knoll 2008 2017

Foreign Fire Tax Board
Meets quarterly at the Police and Fire Administrative Building, 112 E. Northwest Highway, in the 1st Floor Training Room.
Purpose: To receive and expend foreign fire tax funds for the maintenance, use and benefit of the Village Fire Department, in accordance with the Illinois Compiled Statutes (Ord. 5511, 9-20-2005).
Staff Contact: 
Fire Chief Brian Lambel, 847/870-5660
The board shall consist of seven (7) board members, who need not be residents, as follows:

1. One board member shall be the chief of the Fire Department,
2. One board member shall serve from the sworn rank of battalion chief and above,
3. One board member shall serve from the sworn rank of lieutenant,
4. Three (3) board members shall serve from the sworn rank of firefighter, and
5. One board member shall serve from the Fire Department's nonsworn personnel.

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Matt Pastori - Chairman 01/2010 12/2017
Tim Evans - Co-Chair 01/2016 12/2017
Aaron Grandgeorge - Treasurer 01/2016 12/2018
Brad Bocox - Secretary 2/2017 12/2018
Michele Kowalczyk - Trustee 01/2015 12/2018
Mike Murphy - Trustee 01/2016 12/2017
Fire Chief Brian Lambel - Trustee 01/2015

no expiration per
state statute

Planning and Zoning Commission
Meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Board Room of Village Hall (televised meeting).
Purpose: To prepare a comprehensive plan for the present and future development of the Village. In addition, this Commission is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Development Code. It also holds public hearings on requests for amendments to the Zoning Code and to mediate requests for variation from the Zoning Code.
Staff Contact: Jason Shallcross , 847/818-5314
One chair plus six regular members and one associate member

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Joseph P. Donnelly, P.E. - Chair 12/2001 05/2020
William Beattie 11/2008 11/2016
Agostino Filippone 04/2014 05/2019
Thomas Fitzgerald 07/2012 07/2019
Norbert Mizwicki 04/2014 08/2020
Sharon Otteman 12/2012 12/2021
Keith Youngquist 12/2001 09/2018

Police Pension Fund Board 
: It shall be the duty of the members of the Police Pension Board to manage, invest and control the police pension fund and all monies pertaining thereto in the manner provided by statute.
Staff Contact: David Erb, 847/392-6000
5 members, two-year terms
+ (2) Appointed by Mayor & Board
++ (2) Elected by Police officers
+++ (1) Elected by retirees
ex officio member**

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Tony Halachoulis - President +++ 2003 2016
Lawrence Rosenbarski - Vice President ++ 2003 2017
Tom Hoskinson - Secretary   2013 2017
Dennis Saviano - Asst. Secretary + 1996 4/2018
David Erb - Dir. of Finance - Trustee + 2003 2017

Sister Cities Commission
Meets the third Thursday of every other month, at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room, 1st floor of Village Hall. Special meetings may be called as needed.
Purpose: To recommend policies and programs to enhance the Village's participation in the Sister Cities International Organization and to maintain any relationship the Village might establish with a Sister City. The sole objective of the Commission and the program is to promote goodwill and international understanding.
Staff Contact: Marianthi Thanopoulos, 847/818-5308
Fifteen members, a majority of whom shall be Village residents. The Mayor shall serve as an ex-officio member.

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Robert & Patricia Usnik - Robert Usnik is Chair 12/2013 12/2017
Evelyn Dorman 12/2013 05/2019
Gerald “Skip” & Janice Farley 04/2000 08/2018
Christina Haskell 08/2016 08/2020
Judy McGinnis 05/2013 10/2019
Gary & Paula Randant 05/2010 08/2018
Denise Rano 10/2015 07/2018
Colleen E. Saccotelli 05/2015 05/2019
Diana & Rafi Sahakian 06/2012 08/2020
Paul Seils 04/2000 08/2020
Mary Ann & John Sibrava 11/2004 08/2018
Elizabeth Theiss 05/2015 05/2019
Rachel Toeppen, Member Emeritus 08/2003 ongoing
Barbara & Steve VanArsdale 11/2011 11/2019
Irvana Wilks 05/2013 07/2018

Special Events Commission

Meets the first Saturday of the month at 9 a.m. at Village Hall.
Purpose: To create and sponsor activities, celebrations, and observances for the enjoyment and education of the residents of the Village and visitors to our Village.
Staff Contact: Fire Chief Brian Lambel, 847/870-5660
Fifteen members, a majority of whom shall be Village residents. The mayor shall be an ex officio member of the Commission.  

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Teresa VanOpdorp - Co-Chair 06/2003 09/2020
Fred Steinmiller - Co-Chair 08/2010 09/20
Vicki Busse 04/2014 04/2018
Sandra DiCaro 05/2006 07/2018
Maura Drew 04/2014 04/2018
Jill Friedrichs 08/1993 12/2017
Christina Greco 05/2006 07/2018
Brian Lambel     07/2016 07/2020
Paul & Linda Seils 06/1999 11/2019
Haley Schechter 04/2016 04/2020
Lizzet Stone 06/2013 06/2017
Tarina Wimmer 04/2011 09/2020

Transportation Safety Commission
Meets the second Monday of the month, as needed, at 7 p.m. at the Emergency Operations Center Building, 1720 W. Central Road.
Purpose: To assist, inform and advise the Village’s staff and elected officials on matters pertaining to the transportation of people and materials within the Village, between the Village and adjoining municipalities, and throughout the northeastern Illinois region as it affects the residents of our Village
Staff Contact: Matt Lawrie, 847/870-5640
Nine voting members, including one representative from the Village Police Department, the Village Fire Department and the Village Public Works Department, and one non-voting ex-officio member who shall be a representative of the Village Engineering Division. 

Member Appointment date Term Expires
Justin Kuehlthau - Chair 02/2012 05/2020
John Keane 11/2000 05/2020
Robert Fisher 11/2007 11/2019
Jillian Morgan 02/2015 01/2019
Christopher Prosperi 5/2016 5/2020
Carol Tortorello 12/2001 07/2017
Police - Commander Bob Smith 
Fire - Battalion Chief Randy Uidl
Public Works - Village Engineer Jeff Wulbecker

Youth Commission -INACTIVE
Meets the first Wednesday of the month.
Purpose: To formulate recommendations on specific topics as assigned by the Village Board or initiated by the Commission, to identify youth issues in the community, to compile, maintain and distribute a current directory of existing services and programs for youth in the Village furnished by public and private agencies, and such other duties as included by ordinance.

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