Downtown Bike Shelters

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Installation of Covered Bike Racks

Project Information

Important News

- Construction scheduled to begin 9/5/2017


 03/24/2017 - Contract awarded to Sumit Construction of Chicago, IL


04/26/2017 - Preconstruction meeting


09/05/2017 - Anticipated construction start date


10/13/2017 - Anticipated final completion date


-Downtown Bike Shelter Plans

-Downtown Bike Shelter Project Map

-Bike Shelter West Commuter Lot

-Bike Shelter East Commuter Lot

-Bike Shelter Prospect Avenue



Chris Allen, Resident Engineer

Baxter & Woodman, Inc. (Consultant)



Matt Lawrie, P.E.

Project Manager

Mount Prospect Public Works



In recent years the Village of Mount Prospect has seen an increase in bike activity, particularly in the downtown.  Many cyclists are commuters traveling to and from the train station.  On ideal biking days, racks are often full causing cyclists to chain their bike to fences, trees and other stationary objects.  Additional bike racks are needed in the downtown, specifically around the train station, to meet the growing demand of bicyclists. 

The Village’s 2009 Public Transportation System Plan, 2012 Bicycle Plan, and 2013 Downtown Implementation Plan all speak to the importance of providing bike facilities in the downtown.  In 2015, Village staff submitted a grant application to the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) as part of their Access to Transit Improvement Program.  The application included three covered bike shelters around the downtown train station that would add 30 bike racks.  

The RTA accepted the Village’s application and bundled it with other projects, and submitted it to the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program.  This federally-funded program encourages bike-related projects and is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).  The Village was notified last year that the project was approved for CMAQ funding.  The 80% federal participation for construction and inspection is $161,800.00.  The RTA will contribute $33,700.00 to the project and the Village’s share is $6,700.00. 

Construction drawings have been completed and IDOT has award a construction contract to Sumit Construction of Chicago, Illinois.  Both Union Pacific and Metra have approved the construction drawings and are in support of the project.  Work will include construction of three covered bike shelters, 30 bike racks, decorative brick pavers, and landscaping.  One bike shelter will be constructed in the west commuter lot near Main Street.  A second bike shelter will be constructed in the east commuter lot near Emerson Street.  A third bike shelter will be constructed on the north side of Prospect Avenue east of Emerson Street.  Construction is expected to begin early September and take approximately four weeks to complete.

Project Area

Downtown Bike Shelter Project Map


Please visit this project web page for updated information throughout the project.  Should you have additional questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 847/870-5640 or email.